So I started a blog challenge here and this is mjy respioonce to it. The prompt was this “Write a story including the following three elements: A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger.”
WARNING: This prompt is NSFW so please beware. Only continue if you are of age and ready for the content. (NSFW stands for not safe for work wich means there is adult content or something else you wouldn’t want to see at work.)

“Oh, shit oh shit oh shit!” I muttered under my breath as I ran.

I turned to look behind me to see if she was still there. A large female drider scurried along behind me. I was terrified of spiders. A half elf half spider creature still terrified me.

“You can run, but you can’t hide little elf.” The drider spat.

Her legs clicked viciously loud behind me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I saw a cliff and noticed a river running below in this cave. I felt like I could make it into the water if I jumped. I ran towards the cliff and jumped off of it. The drider behind me skidded to a halt and then began laughing maniacally.

As I plummeted I began to fall thew webs that had been seemingly invisible before I jumped.

“Ah, what the heck!” I shouted as I tried to rip the webs off of myself.

The webs began to slow me and engulf my body. I tried to flail, but the webs wrapped around my body. Soon I was trapped and swinging from a web. I looked and there was a cave next to me on either side. They were both very dark. I couldn’t see far into them. I was a Wood Elf not a Dark Elf whom would have night vision.

“Ahh, what little fly has my web caught me this time?” I heard a voice from the shadows before me.

Soon a face poked out of the darkness. She looked elven and beautiful at that, she looked to be a dark elf. But I knew better. She was likely another drider. Long spindly legs poked out of the darkness. I shrieked like a little girl as the legs came forth spun me around a couple time to collect the webs neatly then brought me inside the cave. As she pulled me inside the cave my eyes adjusted to the low light and I could see her massive spider body. She hung me from the ceiling upside down.

“So I frighten you?” She cooed as she licked her lips.

I cringed visibly. “Y-yes.”

I could feel myself begin to shake in fear. My heart began to beat faster than before. I wasn’t just scared I was terrified. I hated spiders and was so scared of them. A drider was so much worse. They were huge and would usually eat you or kill you.

“Don’t worry my little pet,” she said as she stroked my face with her elf like arm. “I’m not going to kill you or maim you.”

“W-what do you want with me?”

Her only response was to smile wickedly. Her beautiful features twisted into a cruel expression. She shifted the webbing so my lower half was free. She stripped off my clothes then wrapped the webbing back around me leaving only my groin and bottom free. I felt odd having my cock exposed to this drider. What did she want with me?

The drider went over to a small chest nearby and opened it up. She pulled out a blue crystal ring and grinned as she made her way back over to me. The ring gave off a slight glow. She move back over to me holding up the ring as if it were her prize.

“See this ring?” She asked.

“Yes?” I questioned.

“I stole it from a lonely wizard. He was quite the genius actually. I like to call it the invigorator.” The vibes I was getting off of her were creeping me out.

“That looks too big to go on a finger,” I whined. I didn’t want to be having a conversation with her, but she was in fact the only one around.

She trotted over to me and touched my limp member. She slid the ring over my cock down to the base. It was loose. She said words in a language I didn’t understand and the ring resized to fit my cock perfectly. My member stiffened to full erectness.

“What the heck?!” I shouted.

She giggled and then ran a finger down my hard cock sending a wave of pleasure that was more intense than it should have been over it. “What? Don’t like my little cock ring? Well too bad it’s a present for you now.”

I had heard of cockrings before, but never a magically enchanted one, which this seemed to be. “What are you planning on doing with me?”

She didn’t communicate with words. She moved in close to my hard member and wrapped her mouth around my cock. She bobbed her head back and forth along my length sending waves of pleasure radiating thru my body. She went from the tip of my length down to the base and then back up again. As quickly as she started she stopped and slid her mouth off my cock leaving it to be carresed by the cool cave air.


This prompt may continue upon popular request. Otherwise it will be left as is.