So Ego just got us to do a mini blog challenge here and here it is! Basically, it’s informing you guys want I’m currently up to.


Stardew Valley. I just got the game and I’m having loads of fun with it. I never thought I would enjoy it so much, because I hated Harvest Moon and that’s what everyone compares it too. But I’ve found it very relaxing and quite enjoyable.


I’m currently rereading a story I wrote called Chaos Cross. I need to rewrite it and because of that, I must reread it. It’s been a while since I’ve read it. I’m realizing that I have a lot of mistakes in this story so I have a long road and lots of work ahead of me if I want to turn this into a good story.


I usually only watch TV when I’m doing the laundry. I don’t have anything I’m super interested in right now. So mainly what I’ve been watching is The Great Food Truck Race while I do laundry. So far the season I’m on isn’t as good as I was hoping, compared to the previous seasons I’ve watched. So I might be looking for something else to watch while I do my laundry. XD

Listening To

While I’m writing I’m listening to New Retro Wave. I’m either listening to a Dance With the Dead or Carpenter Brut radio station on Google Music. While writing I generally try to listen to instrumental music. When I’m not writing I might listen to something wth more vocals.

Thinking About

I’ve been thinking about my goals in life. I want to focus on them and buckle down to achieve them. I’ve started planning out a course of action to achieve these goals. I want to take them seriously and be creative.


Camp Nano next month. I’m excited to try to buckle down again and work on my Mittens story. I think I’m done with the research for the story and I should be good to go to just write. I look forward to the challenge. My goal isn’t too high at 15k for the month.

Making Me Happy

Spending time with my Husband is whats been making me really happy lately. I’m enjoying just having fun with him and having a generally good time. I’m also having fun visiting with friends.