The next part of Ego’s Blog Challange wich can be found here is all about goals! Here’s the prompt.

“write a blog about what your goals are! Why do you have a blog? What do you want to accomplish with it. Further than that, why do you write? Where would you like to see yourself as a writer 5 years from now, 10 years from now… really reflect on what you want to do, and get it down into words.”

My goals, why I do this and where I see myself going.

I feel like I have many goals and thus must categorize them. Today I’m only going to tell you about my creative goals, because those I’m willing to share. Some of you may know I’m both a writer and a artist, it is a struggle to balance both of these. So why don’t I start with my main goal, the combination of both of these creative aspects of myself.


My Inspiration
I have a few ideas for comics I want to do, I won’t list all of them here. I’ll list three of them though. I have loved comics throughout my whole life and always wanted to tell a story threw drawings. I have had many inspirations. If I had to name the ones that were the biggest though they would have to be The Maxx and Witchblade. I will be the first to admit I never read all of Witchblade, theres a lot of it, but I have a story to go with it.

When my Mom and Dad would take me to the grocery store I would browse the isle with comics and thats where I found Witchblade. Every time I could I would ask for a comic, of coarse my parents didn’t always say yes nor were there always comics available. But, it is a fun memory. I loved the art style of Witchblade and felt this is how I want to draw.

I have read all of the core The Maxx comics though, heck I even own them. I love this story to bits. I originally saw it as the TV show when it aired on MTV. Probably dating myself a bit there, but I don’ mind. There was something about the story and the way it was told that grabbed me. I loved the art style and everything about it. I knew this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to tell stories that moved people as The Maxx had moved me. I wanted to have cool illustrations with interesting story that captured my audience.

These are my main inspirations, there are many more that have influenced me. I will not go into the rest though as there are too many. I even had some Manga influences. But now I will get into my own ideas.

Chaos Cross
Chaos Cross is my main story that I want to turn into a graphic novel. I have been coming up with it for years now. I won’t say how many because I really don’t want to count. I have put off turning it into a comic because of two reasons. I feel like I need to refine the story more. It could use some tweaking and maybe even a rewrite. I want this story to be great and express myself fully.

The second reason is because I don’t yet feel like my drawing abilities are up to par with doing the story justice. I’m currently working on trying to rectify both of these problems. Chaos Cross is my main goal and something I really want to do. I feel a little lost as to where to go with it, but I think if I keep working on it I can achieve making Chaos Cross a reality, and that’s my goal.

Breeding Slut
This is a story I already have written out and posted on the web. All I need to do is draw the comic. I recently decided to do a ref sheet of the characters. It turned out pretty decent. I think I’m revving up to turn this idea into a reality and it is quite exciting. I had previously started a Breeding Slut comic, but I only did one page. I’m going to redesign the first page and move on from there in a new format. The last format didn’t work for me and really fell flat.

I believe with the redesign and reworking of the comic it can really turn out well if I can just find the time to execute it. I believe this will be what I work on in what I call my “Free Draw” time.

I have a comic strip that I have done pretty inconsistently over the years. I’m on the fence about reviving it, but it’s still pretty up there with my goals. It would be great to have a comic to put out weekly to keep my skills sharp. I’m just not sure if T.A.I.B. is the correct choice for me. I suppose I need to think about it more.

I do have some comic ideas in the Que for T.A.I.B. so we shall see if I do execute them.

As I said in the intro I am also a writer. So I have stories I have written that I want to publish. I will only talk about a couple of these.

Chaos Cross
In order to make a comic I had to write a story for it to make sense in my mind. So with Chaos Cross I am still working on perfecting the story so that it makes sense, is interesting, and captures the audience.

Chaos Cross is about the main character, Chaos, and his journey to find out about his heritage. I previously wrote a story blurb about it. I thought this might be the place to share it.

“Peace had become normal for the people of the land no one expected something to shatter this. A young man unsure of his origins has become the center of conflict. Will he be able to rise up to this challenge or will he be run down?”

The Rest
I have many other stories I wish to publish. A few of them are called Slavers, Raiders, Incest Compilation, A Warrior Named Mittens, and quite a few more.

Why I haven’t finished
I have some stories that just need to be edited while others need much more work. I feel like a lot of this boils down to me doubting myself and not feeling like I know which direction to go. I think I need to take that leap and try out something new even if I have no idea what I’m doing.

Why I write
I write because I feel like I have interesting stories to tell. I also write to have fun. I even write to put stuff out there I’d like to see. I feel like there are many reasons for me to want to write and very few not to. So why wouldn’t I write?

I have been drawing for longer than I have been writing. It’s a great way to express myself and get my ideas out. I especially want to use drawing to tell stories.

What success in art means to me
For me success would be getting down anatomy and being able to draw in the style I want. Being able to have realistic proportions would allow me to focus on other things and feel more accomplished. I know how I wan to draw, but I don’t know how to get there. So finding my way there is an adventure that should help me succeed in art.

My plan to succeed with art
I plan to draw at least four hours a day five days a week. I am taking an anatomy course as well and watching YouTube videos in my free time. I’m trying to fill most of my free time with art stuff weather that be watching a streamer draw or flipping threw a drawing book. This is my plan and I intend to try to stick with it.

Why I draw
I have these creative ideas and feel the need to get them out. I want to create something so I feel the need to. Also I really do enjoy drawing.

My blog and why I do this
I thought it would be a fun challenge and a new way to express myself.

Where I see myself 5 years from now
With my comics going and at least one book published, hopefully more.

Where I see myself 10 years from now
With some comics done and many books published.

Thanks for reading this really long post about my goals, I hope you found something enjoyable about it. Have a great day.