We were in a meadow a deer stared at us on the edge of the clearing then bolted into the safety of the trees as it deemed us a threat. This wasn’t the best place for us to be tactically and I really wanted to follow that deer out of this meadow right now. The deathly silence in the meadow seemed to scream to me to get out, but Zrith knew tracking and I did not. I didn’t want to speak and attract attention if we were still hidden from our enemy’s. For all I knew we could have the mage watching us ready to spring a trap at any moment. I swallowed hard trying to dismiss that line of thinking since that prospect frightened me, because right now was not the time to psyche myself out… I needed to focus. This could be nothing more than a nice meadow where animals came to graze.

We edged further into the clearing following Zrith as he kept following the tracks he saw. Then a sound broke the eerie silence twigs snapping from the left side of the clearing and then a deep and long howl coinciding with the sun passing further into the distance starting to set. The sky was filled with oranges and reds as a massive wolf leapt into the clearing and growled at us. This white wolf was four times the size it ought to have been and its eyes were solid blue spheres. A blue haze seemed to pour from its mouth as it breathed. That creature was unnatural and was magically altered or summoned somehow. I quickly sucked in my breath and held it. This was it; it was about to happen we would find this mage and kill him. I let out my breath I didn’t know if I was ready to take another living sentient beings life. I knew it was necessary to kill for food, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to be an executioner.

“What is it boy? Find some…hahaha prey?” A smooth voice called to the wolf from beyond the edge. A tall human stumbled gracelessly out of the forest next to the wolf. One of his eyes widened and he cocked his head slightly. “Hmph seems my opposition has finally been sent. Well,” he said looking at the wolf. “Let us show them what true power is!” His hands moved fluidly as a blue light glowed around them and then ice materialized around our legs trapping everyone… except Fay.

Around her the ice merely turned to steam, “Let’s kill him.” She said and a red mist glowed around her body and swept threw us melting the ice and turning it to water.

The wolf leapt at Zrith who had his swords ready, the beast sailed over them Zrith spun quickly catching the wolf in the jaw with his spiked metal stiletto boots…also a weapon. When Zrith pulled his boot away ice had formed coating his stiletto. Drog ran at the mage lifting his axe readying to strike at him when he got in range. The mage gestured with his hands and an ice blue bubble faded into reality surrounding himself; likely a shield.

“I will show you why human mages are feared!” He cackled.

The mage began to cast another spell and the monstrous wolf howled and its body became coated in what looked like ice crystal armor imitating spiked dragon scales. I focused on the darkness within the world and brought it out of the earth into black purple ribbons and wrapped them around the wolf like delicate looking yet strong vines immobilizing the creature. Realizing his axe was no match for the magic shield Drog ran for the immobilized wolf bringing his axe down on its armor cracking it in several places with brute strength. Fay stepped forward and blasted the wolf and the mage with a cone of fire. The wolf’s armor began to sweat and its fur was set ablaze the mages shield wavered a bit but protected him. The creature shrieked as its body burned and blisters and its flesh seared.

“NO! Tari!” He called out to the wolf as it burned and whimpered.

My stomach churned as we slowly hurt the monstrous wolf and I realized we would have to kill his only friend probably before him; that seemed like torture to me. The wolf bit down on Drog’s arm even though it was restrained. Ice spread quickly from the place where the wolf was latched on freezing Drog’s arm; Zrith knocked Drog out of the wolfs mouth tearing some of his flesh but probably saving his life as the ice had spread quickly and engulfed his right arm up to the shoulder.

The mage screamed and a freezing wind came with snow turning what it touched into ice freezing us in place. Frost burn happened quickly and ice shards beat at us slicing away small fragments of our skin and then larger and larger pieces of ice shards till they were like ice skewers. Impaling parts of our bodies. If my feet weren’t frozen to the ground the force of the spikes hitting me in my arms and legs would have knocked me over.

“ENOUGH!” Fay screamed and I realized that she was the only one of us unharmed and unfrozen. The rest of us were frozen in place and bleeding badly on the verge of falling over if it weren’t for the ice holding us to the spot. A heat wave emanated from her engulfing the clearing and all his magic was nullified by hers all the ice turned to water.

I fell to my knees not having the strength to stand up as did Drog. Tarja collapsed to all fours panting and clutching her chest from some wound I couldn’t see. Zrith barely stood only supporting himself by his two swords planted firmly in the ground. I kept my concentration on my magic holding the wolf captive.

A golden mist filled the area and a wave of light flew threw us, and I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten something vital to tell the priest. Her healing magic healed everyone except me; I screamed in agony as my flesh burned and I felt like someone had just dumped me in a vat of acid. Why had I been so careless and forgotten something so important as to tell her not to heal me; I cursed myself as I fell to the ground bleeding as my flesh boiled as I boiled alive. Then there was nothing but darkness.

We were dieing; I had a huge hole in my chest and was having trouble breathing. I was the Priest this was my time to shine. I cast a healing spell on everyone who was hurt and the golden mist filled the area with a sweet scent and a light breeze. The wound in my chest closed up and all that was left was the rip in my clothes and the blood. A scream pierced my companions where one shouldn’t have been. I looked behind me; it was Chaos my eyes widened in horror and fear. What had I done to him? In my gut I knew it had been my spell that caused him pain, but why? I didn’t think he was really Darklin. His flesh burned all down his right side and both arms a dark thick viscous blood oozed slowly from his wounds a blood like which I had never seen; it was black. He crumpled to the ground. Everyone even the mage stared for a second. Everyone quickly regained their composer and started fighting again, except for me. I slowly started to walk over to him, but he looked up at me.

His eyes had changed! I stopped dead in my tracks… they were pure black. What was he? He growled crouching back into a squat and then leapt towards me closing the distance in seconds and knocking me on the ground.

“Chaos NO!” I shrieked and he pushed my head into the ground and forced it to the side, but I knew it was no use whatever was there was not him. I cried and whimpered as I looked at the rest of my companions now having to deal with the wolf and the mage without the two of us, but it looked like they were winning. Then I felt him bite into my neck there was a slight prick of pain and then there was none and I knew everything was going to be okay. My whole body felt warm and pleasured like the gently cares of a lover and I wrapped my arms around him and moaned slightly; to my later embarrassment. I just let myself sink into the warm and loving feeling that overcame me almost like I was sinking into a hot bath. Everything around me seemed to slow down and not matter at all.

After a moment I became aware that he had stopped biting me and drinking my blood. The haze dampening my senses started to lift. I was left feeling mostly normal, but slightly flush, a little lusty, and majorly embarrassed by this. He wasn’t moving and I decided he was probably passed out; heck he had probably been unconscious since he fell to the ground. I pushed Chaos off of me noting that he was very light and indeed unconscious. I was shocked to find he looked fully healed and completely normal, almost as if he was just asleep. I squeezed his arm deciding it was real. I jumped up realizing we were still mid battle strange circumstances and all; my team needed me.

The wolf lay on the ground decapitated along with other wounds and the mage was being overrun at this very moment. The meadow was charred in places and my teammates were hurt; except for Fay who just looked furious. Drog swung his axe cleaving into the side of the mage delivering a fatal blow, and if there were any questions about that Zrith put that to rest with a sword bursting out threw the poor mages chest. Everyone was coated in blood if not their own then someone else’s my pack must have tried to hide the brutality and misery of battle from me since they didn’t want to me fight anyway. I healed my wounded teammates and the little marks on my neck; not like you could see them anyway under my golden fur. I knelt by Chaos not really wanting to leave an unconscious man even if he was now fully healed. He seemed to be breathing fine maybe a little slow, but he would be okay. I put my paw on his neck and checked his pulse it was a little fast but that was to be expected after that excitement.

Fay, Drog, and Zrith walked over to me and the unconscious Chaos that I knelt by. Fay looked concerned.

“What the hell happened?” Zrith said.

Zrith’s abrasiveness seemed to make me uncomfortable more often than not as of lately. “My heal hurt him; I believe he can’t deal with light magic much like the Darklin.”

“Yes we saw that…what happened next? He looks fine,” Zrith said as he clenched his fists obviously irritated.

“Well he wasn’t himself and his eyes turned black, and he bit me and drank my blood and it healed him then he became as you see him now.” I whined not really enjoying repeating the events that transpired.

Zrith honestly seemed at a loss of words which was a first thus far in our little trip, and that made me happy. His voice was beginning to annoy me. Everyone seemed shocked at what I had relayed and I could understand why; it was all very strange and Darklin didn’t heal by drinking blood.

“Well,” Fay said clearing her throat. “I guess we should make camp night has fallen and one of out comrades seems to be out of commission for the evening. I suspect we should get supplies for a fire and set up watches while the rest of us sleep. I assume we all can see well enough in the dark to take turns with the watch.”

Everyone agreed ans started to make preparations for camp.