Deep-throating and Masks

“Take it all the way to the base,” My Master said as he thrusted deeper into my mouth.

I tried to relax as his hard cock slid all the way into my mouth, I only gaged slightly.

“You’re being such a good boy, I’ll have to reward you when this is over.” He said as he stroked my long hair which came out of the top of my latex mask.

He wore black latex which matched my own. My master had a thing for cross dressing so we both wore corsets and thigh high boots. His dark blue skin which mirrored my own glistened in the low light. He reached down, gloved hands caressing my masked face. Rhythmically he thrusted in then out of my mouth. His hard cock slid easily between my wet lips.

He began to play with my sensitive elven ears, rubbing them and teasing them as he face-fucked me. I was as hard as a rock,I was enjoying every minute of getting used by my Master. His thrusts became more urgent and he gripped the sides of my head firmly.

“Get ready my Pet,” he said.

I mentally prepared myself for what I knew was to come. He thrusted his hard member deep into my mouth and released a flood of his seed. I tried to swallow it all, but I couldn’t keep up as some spurted out of my mouth dribbling down my masked chin. He pulled out and I swallowed his seed licking my lips greedily.

“Such a good little cum slut. Now for your reward!” He said.

I grinned as I anticipated my own release. My Master looked into my eyes and stroked my chin. I smiled as I waited for his directions.