My Mistress had dressed me in black latex gloves, leggings, and a corset. They hugged my body pleasingly. She stood over me with a mischievous grin across her face as she looked down at me. I was already erect from the excitement of getting dressed up. I was on the bed with my legs up as I gently held them apart revealing my nethers to her as she had demanded. The anticipation was killing me.

“Mistress please use me!” I cried as I looked at her longingly.

Her grin widened. “Oh, is my little pet anxious for attention?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

She took a single finger and ran it along my shaft. “I suppose I could do something with you. It would be a shame to let your presentation go to waste. But first I want you to tell me how much you want me. Beg if you have to.”

“Mistress please use me to your desire. I would do anything to feel your touch upon me again.”

She only smiled and feigned interest looking about the room.

“Mistress please! I need you like we need water to survive.” I said.

She looked back at me and I could see a smile in her eyes. “Such a good little pet you are. You take directions very well.”

She reached down and squeezed my bottom playing with my lush cheeks. She quickly pulled her hands away then slapped my ass which stung sweetly. Her hands ran across my bottom and up to my stiff member. Gently she began stroking my cock. I let out a soft gasp as she stroked my hard cock faster.

I hadn’t touched myself in a while as per her orders. Her hand felt very good on my shaft. I squirmed beneath her hot touch. My balls felt so full already, I wanted release. I could feel wave after wave of pleasure wash over my body as she stroked my needy cock.

“Ah, Mistress I feel so close!”

Suddenly her hand released my cock leaving it cold and alone. The feeling was unbearable, I was so close and suddenly she stopped.

“Mistress please? Please may I cum?”

“We shall see,” she said as she placed her hand back on my cock.

As she stroked my cock she grabbed something from the bedside. She uncorked the container pouring the slippery liquid over my cock. She stroked faster as the slick liquid allowed her to move more freely. I moaned lewdly as her hand stroked my cock faster and faster.

“Mistress I’m getting close!”

“Cum for me my pet,” she said.

“Yes Mistress!” I cried out.

The sensation was too much for me to hold back and the pleasurable feeling welled up inside of me exploding outward. I shot my load all across my chest and all over my latex corset. A huge amount of seed had sprayed out of my cock, it surprised me. I gasped as she released my quickly softening cock.

“Now it’s your turn to please your Mistress.” She said as she wiped off her hand on a towel.

“Yes Mistress,” I smiled excited to do my part.