“You’ve been a naughty boy,” My Mistress said with a glean in her eyes.

I watched her intently as she took the riding crop and slapped it rhythmically against the palm of her gloved hand.

“Bend over the bed,” she said.

“Yes Mistress,” I responded.

I bent over the bed, but glanced behind me at my beautiful Mistress. She grinned as she took her hand and caressed my bottom. She squeezed it firmly between her fingers. Pulling her hand back she brought it back down with a loud slap on my rear. I gasped excitedly. I always loved it when we did impact play, as she did as well. She quickly struck my left cheek then my right slapping them roughly. The firm stinging began to flow across my buttocks. I let out a quiet moan of pleasure as she slapped my ass repeatedly.

“You’re really enjoying this, no surprise there.” She said before stopping her assault. “I think it’s time to move onto the implement I intended.”

She took the riding crop into her dominant hand and swung it towards my waiting bottom. The riding crop slammed against my ass hitting both cheeks at once. It stung stronger and differently than her hands. I gripped onto the bed, my rod getting excited in the process. She began to strike me one after the other, moving the crop around slightly to get all areas of my butt.

“Looks like someone’s getting as excited as I am. It always turns me on to spank your enticing bottom,” she said. “Speaking of your nice plump rear it’s starting to get a nice shade to it. You are pleasing your Mistress.”

“I’m glad to please my Mistress!” I said as she continued spanking me.

My cock hardened to full erectness as she struck me faster and faster. I gasped lost in the pain and pleasure. I was loving every second of her riding crop on my ass. I could feel my body begin to heat up in response to both the beating and my arousal. My rear felt hot and tender as she continued to smack it roughly.

“I’m all riled up seeing you like this,” she said. “I think it’s time we move onto the next part of our session.”

“Oh, yes Mistress.” I said excitedly.