corst and cock worship

Master laced up my corset. He pulled it snug on my body and tied it off.

“Now that my Pet is all dressed up for the occasion let’s start,” he said.

I felt sexy in my latex leggings, gloves, and corset. Master looked sexy in his matching latex gloves, leggings, and corset as well. He turned me around so I was facing towards him. Master placed his hands on my shoulders and firmly pushed down. I followed his lead and kneeled down before him.

Master took his hands off of me and began to stroke his soft cock before me. I squirmed slightly at my seat, excited at what my Master had planned. It was enticing to see him stroke his quickly hardening member. As his member stiffened it drew closer to my face. I began to breathe heavy as my arousal increased.

He grew to full erectness. “Worship my cock Pet.”

I grinned excitedly at my task. “Yes, Master.”

I began to kiss his the head of his hard cock and lick the tip. I kissed along the shaft.

“Master’s cock is so beautiful,” I said. “I’m honored to get to worship it.”

I licked down his length then back up again teasing his cock gingerly. Slowly I kissed down his shaft until I got to his balls which I proceeded to kiss. I licked from his balls up to his shaft and back to the tip kissing it as if wrapping a present with my juices.

“Master I feel so lucky to lay my lips on such a divine member. I love using my mouth on it.” I said as I went back to kissing on his cock.

“I have such a good pet. Now let us move onto your next task.” He said.

I glanced up to my Master and saw a grin on his face. The lack of knowing what was going to happen next excited me greatly.