“Are you excited?” Mistress said as she held the bag in one finger.

“Yes,” I said.

She poured the contents of the bag out on the bed. Black latex clothing spilled out onto the dark gray and red bedding. I fiddled with my fingers, excited to see exactly what she had bought for me. She retrieved my standard latex opera gloves and corset laying them neatly next to the rest of the clothing.

“Now my pet, it’s time to play dress up!” She said excitedly.

I smiled as she picked up a latex bra. “Come here.”

I walked over to her and stood before my Mistress. She held up the bra waiting for me to put my arms threw. I did so and she walked around behind me bucking each snap. It was snug, but not too tight, it fit me well. She walked back in front of me holding a matching pleated skirt.

She handed it to me. “Slip it on.”

I took the skirt which clung between my fingers and stepped into it. I began to slide it up my legs until it got to my plump rear. I had some trouble as I squeezed into it tugging on the skirt as it ungracefully slid over my rump. After it was over the thickest part of my bottom it slid easily into place. Mistress already had the next piece of clothing I was going to wear, my corset. She wrapped it around my waist and buckled the front then went around back. I could feel her tightening the corset snugly around my frame.

When she came back around she was holding my familiar opera gloves. “Let’s get you into these next.”

She carefully rolled the glove like you would a sock and held it out for me. I slid my hand inside wiggling it until the glove seemed set on my body. She unrolled the glove up my arm until it was all the way on. Mistress moved to the next glove and we did the same procedure.

“There, almost all the way dressed,” she said. “Now you just need these!”

She picked up two black latex thigh high boots which would complete my outfit. She set one down and unzipped the one she held.

“Sit on the bed and I’ll help get you into these.” She said.

“Yes Mistress,” I grinned, excited about all of it.

She slid the boot over my foot and pushed so my heel slid inside. Wrapping the rest of the boot around my leg she zipped it up slowly. She grabbed the other boot unzipping that one too, I lifted up my other foot and she slid it on. Mistress adjusted the latex and then zipped up the second boot.

I had cross-dressed for Mistress before, we both loved it. Today was special though, she had bought me practically an entirely new outfit. I stood up and checked myself out, catching Mistresses gaze in the process. She had a smile on her face as her hand rested on her chin and she appreciated her handiwork.

“You look absolutely stunning,” She said finally.

“Thank you, Mistress, you are too kind.”

“Now that you’re dressed for the occasion let’s move on to it.” She said.

I was excited to see what Mistress had in store for me tonight.