“Now that you’re dressed for the occasion we can start, my pet,” Mistress said to me. “Get on the bed, face down ass up.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said quickly climbing up on the bed.

I got into the position and awaited what was to happen next. I had no idea what was in store for me today. Mistress climbed up on the bed next to me. She straddled my head and leaned over my body. Grabbing my ass cheeks she spread them. I could feel her hot breath on my rear. Suddenly I felt a hot wet sensation on my hole.

I gasped as she prodded my sensitive area with her tongue. My member stiffened as she licked circles around my hole. Mistress’s tongue prodded my entrance, the tip slipping inside. Her hand reached around my side and grasped onto my quickly hardening member.

Mistress began to stroke it gingerly as she moved her tongue about inside of me. I sighed pleasurably as my cock was stroked and my asshole licked. She slid her tongue out sliding it around my hole again before sticking it back inside of me. Her teasing was really arousing me up and I wanted more.

She continued prodding my hole with her tongue as she stroked me, her other hand squeezing my right cheek. I moaned and shifted slightly as my need rose. I could feel her tongue slide out and leave my hole.

“Do you want more?” She asked.

“Please!” I replied.

“Good because I’m not done yet,” Mistress said.