Master had fisted me to warm me up for what we were about to do. He had a magically enhanced cockring which made his cock double in size. I was excited, I had butterflies in my stomach. I looked behind me as Master lubed up his monster cock. It was massive at its full length.

“Are you ready?” Master inquired.

I paused for a moment as I looked at him. “Yes,” I said.

I felt the tip of his cock press against my waiting hole. As he pressed the head inside of me I felt myself stretching to accommodate his magically enhanced member. As the head popped in I gasped at the sudden girth inside me. Slowly he slid more and more of his cock into my waiting and willing ass. My own cock began to stiffen as his member pushed past my prostate rubbing it vigorously. Feeling full was an understatement as more and more of his cock was fed inside me.

“You’re so eager to please,” Master said.

“Yes,” I responded lost in the pleasure.

His cock stretched me out as it slid further inside my hole. I thought the length of his cock was never going to end as more slid inside of me distending my stomach. Soon I felt his groin collide with my ass as the last of his member went inside. My member was fully hard now at the excitement of having so much cock inside my greedy hole.

“You’ve taken all of it without a problem. Now for the fun bit.” Master said.

I gasped as Master began to slide his massive cock out of my hole. The way he stretched me out felt amazing. He began to do slow long strokes. With each stroke, his fat cock stroked and battered my prostate pleasingly. Pre began to leak out of my cock as he fucked me. The massive bulge in my belly moved slowly in time with his movements. I’d never felt so full before in my life. Slowly he began to pick up the pace. His strokes became faster and shorter as his need rose. I began to moan with each thrust. I was so horny I wanted to touch myself.

“Master, may I please touch myself?” I asked.

“Not yet my Pet,” he said.

I whined, but continued to enjoy the intense fucking. He gripped onto my ass and slammed into me with each thrust.

“Oh, yes Master!” I cried out.

His thrusts rocked my body with each stroke. More and more pre spilled out of my erect cock. I was running like a fountain. He squeezed my lush rump firmly as he fucked me senseless. His massive cock sliding in and out of my hole repeatedly.

“Okay my pet, you can touch yourself,” He said.

Instantly I reached down and began to stroke my hard cock. The sensation was too much. Getting fucked so deeply and stroking my cock pushed me over the edge. I cried out as a wave of pleasure washed over my body. My seed exploded forth from my cock coating the bedding. Master slammed his cock in me and I felt a flood of seed spill fourth withing me distending my stomach further. I suppose the magical cockring enhanced the amount of cum he unloaded inside me as well.

“Ah, Master I feel so full,” I said.

“Good, my Pet. I love seeing you like this.”

I grinned, I loved it too. Being stretched to my limits was exciting and exhilarating for me. Being filled with his massive load only made me hotter.