“Now you can’t get away,” Mistress laughed in jest.

Not that I’d want to get away from her anyway, but she’d finished cuffing me to the bed-frame. Mistress reached in her dresser and pulled something out of it before closing it again. She climbed up onto the bed next to me. Seating herself on her bottom, she scooted up next to me.

“Are you comfortable?” She inquired.

“Yes Mistress,” I said.

“Good,” she responded. “You look ready for some fun.”

She reached down with her hand that wasn’t holding something and grasped onto my sensitive nipple. I gasped as she squeezed on my sensitive bud and rolled it between her fingers. Pleasurable jolts of sensation battered my chest. My nipple hardened at her touch.

Mistress opened her other hand revealing a pair of nipple clamps. She took one and opened the clap placing it around my nipple. When the clamp closed on my nipple I let out a moan. The clamp squeezed on my sensitive bud firmly teasing it.

She released the clamp allowing it to stand up on its own accord. She trailed her hand across my chest moving towards my other nipple. She grasped onto it and rolled the soft nub between her fingers. My nipple quickly hardened between them. She squeezed and pinched my sensitive nipple to her delight. My cock began to harden at the pleasurable sensations radiating through my body. The more she teased my nipple the harder my cock got until it was fully erect.

She took her free hand and placed it on my cock. Gingerly she began to stroke it.

“Ahh, Mistress,” I whispered.

“Yes, my Pet?” She said as she gazed at me.

“This feels really good,” I replied.

She leaned in and placed her mouth around my nipple. The warm wet orifice enveloped my nipple. Her hot wet tongue flicked my sensitive nub as she sucked on it. I gasped as her hot mouth worked my nipple sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was excited as she played with my nipples sending pleasurable sensation after the next over my body. While I was immersed in the pleasure I was receiving I almost didn’t notice her moving her hand.

Suddenly a flood of sensation ran into my other nipple as the clamp was released. I moaned and squirmed as the powerful sensation flooded my body. She lifted her head up slowly releasing my nipple from her mouth.

“Now that you’re all excited we can move on to the next step.”