Almost everyone has to serve the Great Hall of Heroes at one point or another in their life. It’s the pillar of order and strength in our world, because of it we have kept peace in the realm for over a hundred and fifty years. Individuals, groups, and cities can all utilize this system to input their needs and get help dispatched to them from the Great Hall of Heroes. The Great Hall of Heroes organizes a balanced group of individuals and gives them a task of their level and skill to take care of. These can be mercenary work where someone or something needs to be eliminated, scouting work where information is needed, and other tasks to keep the peace and help the people.

When the people of the world decided it was time to bring order and peace to everyone the founders of the Great Hall of Heroes agreed to make a place where everyone could bring their plights and get help. The founders were all warriors from different races they became legendary among their own people and then everyone else as their vision flourished into reality. They started The Hall when no one else had a solution. Everyone was ready to make peace; tired of wars and petty squabbling. Beings who once slaughtered each other worked alongside one another to build this new building bringing in hope for all. The architecture of the building was beautiful. Columns rose and formed archways with domed roofs.

There were originally four large dome building with eight smaller dome offshoots. Over the years The Hall has expanded and I’m sure it will continue to do so. Many important tasks are left to The Hall to keep the peace and protect the people. Those original heroes brought about an amazing resource to their own, and future generations.

I Chaos am now here to learn my first task from The Hall of Heroes.

My name is Chaos no last name no middle name that’s it. I’m part Dark Elf and part something else. I’m dark blue, have red irises, black hair, and pointy ears which are normal traits for a Dark elf. I’m unsure what my other ancestry is but everyone except for my adoptive Father Veshnar seems to think it’s Darklin and thus fears me, hates me, or both.

Darklins are what most people would call monsters. They are angered easily and have super strength compared to most races. Many of them have horns, tails, fangs, claws, and wings all of which I also have. Many others also have scales, bestial faces, fur, and some rarer features, none of which I have. One thing that led them to be called monsters is that they can only drink blood; they cannot eat or drink anything else it is like poison to them. Unfortunately this is a trait which I share. Light magic also hurts them it’s almost as if any light magic, healing, just producing fake light, or other things burns them. If they get a healing spell cast on them it’s like their flesh sears and boils almost as if acid and fire hit them at once; also another unfortunate trait I share.

The Darklin have always been a tribal and rebellious race with ideals that are different from most. Many call them barbaric primarily because they used to raid neighboring communities and slaughter them for sport; most races still think of them like this. They also are very open about sexual desires and nudity is not looked down on or embarrassing as it is too many other races which some more prudish peoples also equate to barbarism.

When The Founders of the Great Hall decided to put their plan in motion they needed to talk to the darklin too; also hoping to make peace with them and have them included in The Hall. They were able to make peace with the darklin. They also drew up some kind of contract, but it was not completely what they had hoped for. The Darklin out right refused to join The Hall, but they did draw up a map of what would become their own territory. They agreed to stop hunting intelligent beings for sport so long as others did not start to hunt them. They withdrew into their territory which today is practically blacklisted form anyone who is not darklin to go into. My Father has journeyed there on occasion and is respected and respectful enough to visit them freely when he needs. He told me some day he would take me there, but I feel uneasy about that prospect.

Today you rarely see a Darklin away from their home territory and if you do they might have gone rouge and it could mean trouble.