For the next part of Ego’s Blog Challange we were to use this page to find a prompt to write on. The prompt I picked was this one.

“A woman looking to spice up her sex life tries being a submissive, but gets quickly bored. She asks to switch places, and soon realizes she much prefers being the dominant one.”


WARNING: This prompt is NSFW so please beware. Only continue if you are of age and ready for the content. (NSFW stands for not safe for work wich means there is adult content or something else you wouldn’t want to see at work.)


I groaned as I lugged my paperwork back to my room in the castle. I had done a bunch of administrative work for the King and Queen today and I was tired, my feet hurt, and I was horney. But I had become bored of mine and my husbands usual antics. He would top me and I would sit there while he flogged me or gave me a ballgag or blindfold. I had been toying with the idea of topping him. That could be fun, interesting, or empowering. I felt the life radiate threw my slim body. My name was Amelia and I was a High elf noble, as is my husband Vic, as I called him. Or lately in the bedroom it had been Master, but I wanted a change.

I made it to my room, and unlocked the wooden door. As I entered the room my husband was already there, taking off his boots. His long blonde hair was in a high ponytail, his blue eyes focused on something else. I was sure he had had a long day as well being a knight on duty. He looked at me wearily, but then his face lit up at the sight of me and he smiled. I smiled back excitedly. I was nervous, my palms were sweating, but I would ask him anyway. I closed the door behind myself and set my paperwork down on my desk.

“Vic,” I said as I felt my fair skin on my face get hot and flush. “I was hoping maybe we could do something sexual tonight….but I want to do it differently.”

He finished taking off his boots and started removing the rest of his armor. “Well this is exciting. What did you want to try?”

Our sex life was plenty active, but I wanted to feel more fulfilled. “I was thinking…maybe I could be the Mistress tonight?”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Oh! Well this is new, um sure why not?”

I could see his cheeks begin to blush. I smiled, yes this excited me. I went over to our toy closet we had acquired and quickly stripped off my clothes. My chest beat fast as I opened the doors exploring the toys again with new interest. I pulled out the tye holding my long blonde hair in a bun, it rolled down past my shoulders. My silvery eyes locked onto the first thing I would do. I would get into something sexy. I grabbed my black latex corset and wrapped it around my waist snugly and buckled myself in. I grabbed my thigh high boots which matched my corset and threw them on.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked sexy. It made me feel confident. I turned around to look at Vic, he stood beside the bed naked, his member already erect from excitement.

I smiled at him. “Get on the bed.”

He got up on the bed as I had said, he seemed willing to follow my lead. I turned back around feeling myself get excited and nervous, I blushed and didn’t want Vic to see me like that. Not right now anyway, I needed to appear in control. I calmed myself down while looking at our toys. We had floggers, paddles, a blindfold, a feather on a rod, and nipple clamps among other things. I thought about it and would try to use most of them. For now I grabbed the blindfold, that would be the first essential. I grinned and I held it between my fingers and walked over to him.

He looked up at me with wonder as I strode over to him. “Close your eyes.”

He closed his eyes and I placed the blindfold around his eyes and tied it snugly. I went back over to the cabinet and grabbed the feather on the rod. I walked back over to Vic and placed the feather on his chest lightly teasing it. He gasped as I touched him and slowly flicked the feather lower and lower across his body until I got to his hard rod. I caressed it gently causing it to twitch in response. He bit his lip as i lightly ran the feather across his hard cock. I ran the feather down it leg causing him to jerk out of the feathers immediate area.

I smiled and pulled the feather away. I went back over to the cabinet and grabbed the black and red leather flogger.


“Bend over the bed, I’ll help guide you.” I said as I moved over to Vic.

I grasped onto Vic, shoulders as he sat up and helped him stand then turn around and lean over the bed. His arms were splayed across the bed, his plump rear facing me on display. I reached down and grasped onto his ass firmly causing him to jolt suddenly, but relax at my touch. I smiled as I fondled his bottom roughly getting myself ready for the next step. I pulled away from him and took the flogger and lightly slapped his bottom with it. His body stiffened as his back arched and then he relaxed.

I began to flog his bottom quicker and harder with each strike he began to make noises of pleasure. I never knew Vic to be a masochist, but he was always willing to try new things. The slapping sounds of the flogger assailing his ass began to fill the room. His soft moans of pleasure were like music to my ears. His fair skin began to flush with each consecutive strike of the leather flogger. I stopped and rubbed his tender bottom causing him to gasp momentarily.

“Allow me to guide you back onto the bed.,” I said.

I grasped onto his shoulder as he stood up and crawled back onto the bed laying down on his back. I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed the nipple clamps. I looked around a bit more and noticed the lube and anal beads. Maybe that could be fun? I grabbed them as well and went back over to the bed. I set the lube and anal beads at the foot of the bed away from Vic’s outspread feet. I crawled up on the bed on top of his waist and seated myself. I placed the clips on the bed next to Vic. I smiled and reached down grasping onto his soft nipples. He gasped as I pinched them and rolled them around between my fingers.

“M-mistress!” He moaned as I accosted his sensitive nubs.

“Yes?” I said threw a grin. I was loving seeing him like this.

“That feels really good,” he said.

“Good, I’m glad you are excited my pet.” I said.

I released his nipples and grabbed the nipple clamps. I took one squeezing the end I needed to to open the clip. I placed it around his nipple and slowly let the clamp go. He breathed heavily as I released the clamp. I took the next clamp squeezing the end and placed it about his nipple letting the clamp slowly close snugly squeezing his hard nub. His breath quickened and I released the clamp. I moved lower until I was between his legs. I grabbed the analbeads and lube. I opened up the cap on the bottle and began lubing up the beads. I lubed up my finger and placed it on his tight hole.

Vic jumped startled by the contact. “What are you doing?”

“Opening up our horizons, if you’re willing to try new things.”

He paused for a moment as I rubbed his unused hole enticingly. “Okay, I submit Mistress.”

I smiled and slowly slid my finger inside of Vic. He groaned and squirmed slightly. I slid my finger further inside of him until I was at the knuckle. He felt tight around me and hot. I loved him up swirling my finger around inside of him. He was still rock hard. I began to gently move my finger in and out of his tight bottom. I move my free hand up to the clamps and flicked them, left then right then left again. Vic quivered and his breathes became rapid as he experienced this new feeling. I was loving seeing him like this. I was wet and ready to get fucked, but that’s not what I was planning yet. I wanted to tease him a little more before the main course.

I slid my finger out and took the analbeads from my other hand and slid the first one inside of him. I began to feed another bead and then another inside of him. Slowly I slid more and more of the beads inside of him until I felt like I had put a good amount inside of Vic’s hole. I took the lube and lubed up his hard member which twitched at my touch. I was excited, I lubed up my pussy and closed the lube tossing it aside for now. I squatted over his crotched and faced away from Vic. I gently lowered my sex over his until they touched. His head parted my lips as it slowly penetrated me. I bit my bottom lip as I resisted crying out in pleasure. Soon his full length was inside of me. Slowly I began to ride his cock while pulling the beads out and inserting them back into him.

“Mistress!” He cried out.

“Yes my pet?” I responded as I continued fucking myself on his hard cock and sliding the beads in and out of him.

“It feels really good,” Vic said.

I beamed at his words. “I’m glad you are enjoying yourself my pet.”

I began to quicken my pace with both my hips and my hand. I reached with my free hand and began to rub my clit. I could feel my pleasure rising up inside of me. Each gasp from my lovers lips and each time he squirmed heightened my arousal. I was loving this new feeling of being in charge and making our pleasures a reality. I quickened my pace further as my need increased, I began to pant as I fucked myself on his hard cock. I needed him as much as he needed me. I could see his toes curl as the pleasure became intense for him too.

The clitorical and penetrating stimulation was too much for me and I felt myself tighten around Vic as my pleasure peaked. I moaned lewdly as my pussy spasmed around Vic’s cock and my pleasure exploded out from me. Vic moaned and I felt his hard member spasm inside of me shooting his hot load deep within my nethers. I slid the beads out of his tight ass removing them and tossing them aside.

I got up and turned around removing the nipple clamps from Vic’s sensitive nubs. I took the blindfold and slid it off his head. He blinked at the brightness of the lights and then his gaze focused on me. He smiled and I met him with a smile. I leaned in and kissed him, he kissed me back passionately. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed as I settled down next to him. I held him as he wrapped his arms around me. He ran his hands over my body, I would have done the same to him if my hands weren’t covered in lube and juices. Instead I just held him tightly.

“That was intense,” Vic said.

“Yea it was,” I said. “I liked it a lot though.”

“Me too,” he said.

I grinned, I knew this was the beginning of a wonderful new aspect of our lives.