For the next part of Ego’s blog challenge we were using this prompt to come up with a story.

Three words for the prompt: Honesty. Hate. Bed.



WARNING: This prompt is NSFW so please beware. Only continue if you are

of age and ready for the content. (NSFW stands for not safe for work

wich means there is adult content or something else you wouldn’t want to

see at work.)



I was an adult and I should be treated like one. I hated my brother for not treating me with the respect I was due. Ever since our parents had passed away in a carriage accident he acted like he was one of my parents. He would scold me, nag me, and generally loom over me to make sure I was on track. I was a decently competent Wood Elf. Sure like any man of my age I had some ups and down when it came to responsibility. I prefered to party than to study my craft. I kept up with what I needed to do, but I often waited till the last minute to do it. I wasn’t so bad I kept up with my chores. I didn’t think I deserved to be treated like a child though.


Sure Eli had done a lot for me. He took care of making sure we had a home and that there was food on the table. Maybe I was being a little ungrateful, but I still thought maybe he could treat me more as a brother than like a child. Eli was quite a bit older than me at a twenty year difference. He had been planned while I was an accident. Still my parents loved us both equally never showing any favoritism even till the day they died.


I sighed and plopped down on my bed. I had my door closed so I could be alone for a while. I needed to be by myself. I needed time away from Eli. Sometimes I really felt like I hated him. I wanted to get out of the house as soon as I could, but I couldn’t afford it just yet. Today Eli had been particularly harsh on me about finishing my studies and not doing them all in the last minute. I closed my eyes breathing out a heavilly. I needed to rest and relax.


I heard a knock at my door. “Felix can we talk?”


“Didn’t we just talk?” I grumbled.


“Please,” Eli said threw the door.


“Fine,” I sighed. “Come in, the door isn’t locked.”


For what it was worth I usually didn’t need to lock my door as Eli genreally didn’t barge in on me. I could count the number of times he had and it was generally when something very urgent had happened and he was distressed. At least he respected my space.


Eli opened the door and his slim tan figure entered my room closing the door behind him. His slightly past shoulder length chocolate colored hair was done back in a tight ponytail. His green eyes seemed to study my form behind his glasses.


“Felix,” Eli sighed and looked down to the floor. “I wanted to apologise for berating you like I did. I know I shouldn’t but I can see you being so much further than you are already. You have the potential if only you applied yourself more diligently. But I suppose that really isn’t any of my business.” Eli crossed his arms.


I felt at a loss of words, Eli had never apologised to me like this before. “I don’t know what to say.”


“Felix I need to be honest with you about something,” Eli said still not making eye contact with me.


“What is it?”


“I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to come out with it. I’m in love with you.” Eli’s gaze seemed to be affixed to the floor of my bedroom.


I sat up in my bed. If I had been at a loss of words before, now I was absolutely drawing a blank. What had I just heard, I had to have misheard? My heart began to beat faster and my palms sweated as I stared at Eli. The information was beginning to sink in. My mind felt dull. What was I suppose to say t that?


“Um what?” I said blankly.


Even though Eli was taller than me he stood there looking like a child who knew they’d done something wrong and were confessing to it. “Please don’t make me repeat myself, this was hard enough as is.”


“Okay,” I said.


My mind began to race. Even though incest wasn’t illegal in our culture it was somewhat looked down on. This had to be a very hard realization for Eli to come to. I began to twist a strand of my waist length chocolate hair as I did often when I was nervous.


“I’m not sure what you want from me,” I said.


I could see Eli’s cheeks began to redden as he dared a glance up at me. “I’m not sure what I expected if I’m being honest.”


“Me either,” I said still letting what he said sink in.


Eli’s eyes darted to the door. He swiftly moved to the door leaving without another word. I was left there by myself alone with the odd information I had just received. I thought about the past and how some of his stranger actions began to make more sense. When I would go out with a girl Eli was jealous. I laid down on my bed. How long had this been going on for.


I wasn’t sure how long I had been laying there, but I couldn’t get Eli and what he had said out of my mind. Even though I had been on a few dates I had no experience with a woman, let alone another man. I was letting my curiosity get the better of me. I began to wonder what would it be like if I were with Eli? Eli was quite attractive. I paused. Was I seriously considering this?


Yes, yes I was. I wasn’t sure why the idea of being with Eli was appealing to me more and more. Was it the taboo? Or maybe it was something else I couldn’t put my finger on. I felt conflicted. With the way Eli generally treated me I wondered if part of it was because of his feelings. If he wanted no harm to come of me, then that would make sense. Maybe I could look past that. Either way I was beginning to get excited thinking about Eli in a new light. I wasn’t sure why I was getting so excited so quickly, but I was. My pants tented and I thought about taking care of myself here and now.


Another thought came to my mind. Why not take my problem to Eli and see where things went. The sudden wrongness of my thoughts crashed down on me. What was I thinking. But I was aroused..and I wanted to test out this new faucet of lust I had never tapped into before. Heck with what was right and proper, I was going to see where things went.


I got off the bed leaving my room. I looked threw the house, not finding Eli. I went to his room, the door was shut. I knocked on it.


It was silent for a moment. “Yes?”


“Can I come in?” I asked.


Again there was a pause. “Sure.”


I opened the door and walked into Eli’s room. He was on his bed sitting with his arms around his knees. I walked over him my legs suddenly feeling weak beneath me. I began to feel tongue tied and like I had a lump in my throat. His eyes which matched my own looked up at me.


I began to speak very slowly, each word being a struggle. “Eli… I have a bit of a problem.”


“What is it Felix?” He asked.


Quicky, before I could change my mind I took Eli’s hand in mine and placed it on my tented pants. His eyes widened as the realization of what was happening came to him. He began to rub my crotch with his hand I was excited at his firm warm touch threw my pants. He turned to face me fully. Eli’s fingers worked quickly as they unbuttoned my pants wich fell to the floor. My hard rod strained my underwear in its need. Eli rubbed my member threw my underwear teasing me gently.


“Ah, Eli. That feels good,” I said.


Eli smiled at me as he slid my underwear off my waist and let it drop to the floor. Mt erect member stood at it’s full length before him. I had never been with anyone before, this was new territory to me. I was excited. Eli ran his hands across my hard cock. His tender carres excited me sending small waves of pleasure throughout my body. Without being prompted, Eli leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock. I gasped and reached down grabbing onto his head. I began to run my hand threw his hair. His mouth slid over my hard cock engulfing it with his warm wetness.


I let out a moan, as this was certainly way more pleasurable than taking care of myself. Eli began to move his mouth back and forth slowly on my hard cock, his tongue caressing the bottom of my shaft gingerly. He looked up at me locking eyes with me as he sucked my my hard rod. I reached down and began to stroke his long slender ears, an erogenous zone for us elves. He shuddered slightly as the contact quickening his pace. He felt extraordinary on my cock. I wanted to fuck him, but I wasn’t ready to leave this pleasure yet.


I could feel wave after wave of pleasure as it welled up inside of me. It was so intense and my member throbbed as Eli stroked it lovingly with his mouth. Eli brought his mouth all the way down to the base of my cock as my pleasure reached its height. I let out a moan and with a pleasurable explosion let loose in Eli’s mouth unintentionally. Eli’s eyes widened for a moment as he was startled by the sudden seed pouring out into his mouth. He took it well though, and tried to get every last drop in his mouth as he slid off my cock.


He must have swallowed my cum because he began to speak clearly. “Felix, lay down on the bed.”


Eli stood up allowing me access to the bed. I felt slightly intimidated, what if I didn’t like what happened next? Eli stood a whole head taller than me. I decided to do what he said and quickly laid down on the bed. Eli got between my legs spreading them apart. I wasn’t intending to be the one receiving anal tonight, but it looked like that’s what was going to happen after I released my seed so early. I felt embarrassed by that fact, but there wasn’t much for me to do now. I wondered what he had planned as he spread my legs apart, but didn’t adjust his pants.


He got between my legs, my once hard member quickly going limp. Before I knew what was going on I felt a warm wetness on my hole. I gasped as Eli’s tongue encircled my hole sending a chill down my spine. I was amazed at how good it felt and how sensitive that area was. I never thought I would be receiving pleasure from my hole like this, especially from Eli. The thought of it made me feel hotter. His tongue circled my hole and then began playing with my entrance. I gasped and squirmed at the new sensation. I looked down at Eli who was looking up at me. I could feel heat flood to my face as I blushed and my body heated up.


Suddenly Eli’s tongue slipped inside of me. I gasped at the foreign sensation. As his tongue wriggled around inside of me it actually felt good. I was afraid to admit I enjoyed the sensation of his tongue stretching my hole open. I never thought I would like the feeling of something entering me, but I did. His tongue pulsed in and out of my tight hole repeatedly. I squirmed on the bed and moaned as he played with my tight hole. His tongue retreated leaving me feeling empty inside. Eli licked one of his fingers and began sliding it inside of me.


I gasped at the new sensation as he slid easily inside of my body. I could feel his finger slider deeper and deeper inside of me until he was at his knuckle. He began to thrust his finger in and out of my tight waiting hole. I was so surprised at how this anal play felt. It was so pleasurable and turned me to putty in Eli’s hands. My cock began to stiffen again at the new sensations. I wanted more, I was getting greedy at how good Eli was making my hole feel.


“Oh, Eli!” I moaned. “It feels so good.”


Eli smiled at me, but said nothing yet. His only response was to slide his finger out of me. I looked at him wondering what he was doing. He licked a second finger and then placed both of them at my needy entrance. Slowly he slid them inside of me opening me up further. I groaned as his slender fingers slowly slid deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel my tight hole pulse around his fingers as they slowly stretched to accommodate him. His fingers slid slowly inside of me until he was buried up to his knuckles. Slowly he began to move his fingers about. He slid them in and out of my tight hole slowly spreading my apart. My cock was now fully erect as Eli played with my ass. As he began fucking me with his fingers I wondered how I was even going to take his cock. His fingers alone felt so big inside of me.


“Felix, I’m enjoying watching you be pleasured,” Eli said.


All I could really do was look up at him and smile. As he fingered my ass I moaned lewdly at his thrusting fingers. He slid his finger out of me and I felt even more empty than before. I didn’t want to feel empty, I wanted Eli inside of me. Eli threw his top off and began to unbutton his pants. At this moment I realized I would be overdressed, I stripped off my top. Eli’s member was erect and the sight of it excited me.


“Felix, could you use your mouth?” Eli said as he grabbed his member.


I kneeled on the bed then got on all fours. Eli’s cock hovered inches in front of my face, I stared for a moment still in disbelief at what I was about to do, what we had been doing. I opened my mouth and slid his hard cock inside. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste bad, heck it didn’t really taste like anything. I began to bob my head back and forth getting as much of his member inside of my mouth as I could.


“Okay, now lick the rest.” He said.


I slid his cock out of my mouth and began licking around the base of his cock. Our eyes met as I licked around his cock, I could see that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.


“Lay back down on the bed Felix,” Eli said.


I laid back on the bed looking up into Eli’s eyes. He got between my legs spreading them apart. He lowered himself until his cock was at my entrance and began to slowly enter me. I gasped as I felt the head of his cock pop inside of me, it felt larger than I expected. He slowly entered me spreading me open far wider than I had ever been before. As Eli’s cock slid deeper and deeper inside of me my member remained stiff. I was excited about this, it turned me on far more than I thought it would.


“Ah, you’re so tight,” Eli said.


“You’re a lot bigger than I realized,” I said.


Eli grinned at me and leaned in and kissed me as he slowly entered my tight hole. I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed. I could feel myself opening up as he buried his cock deeper and deeper in my ass. Pre began to drip from the tip of my cock as he entered me. Slowly his cock slid further and further inside of me opening up my previously unused hole. I gasped as I felt his body press against mine as his full length entered my tight hole. His tongue slid inside my mouth and our tongues caressed each other.


I had gone from never doing anything before to getting fucked in the ass. By some standards this might be a bad day, but for me I was thoroughly enjoying it. He let his member sit inside of me as I became accommodated to him. He pulled his lips away from mine for a moment. He moved his mouth up to my ear and began to nibble on it. Kissing it, sucking on it, and licking it gently. I felt hot all over as Eli kissed on my ears sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. Suddenly he began to move, he began thrusting his cock in and out of my tight ass.


“Eli!” I moaned as the word escaped my lips.


He began to thrust his cock in and out of my tight hole as pleasure radiated outward from my body. I gasped and held onto Eli as he gently fucked me. I felt like I was losing my mind in the best possible way. With him playing with my ear and fucking me I was in overdrive. His cock felt so big inside of me, I felt like I was barely handling it. I was over the moon with pleasure though. As Eli gently made love to me I began to wonder why we hadn’t done this sooner. Being fucked by him felt amazing.


“Felix, Oh, Felix.” Eli whispered into my ear.


He began to quicken his thrusts in and out of my tight hole. I moaned as Eli fucked my ass quickly. I could feel my pleasure rising up within me as Eli continued to fuck me quickening his pace more and more. I could feel my pleasure rising as Eli continued thrusting his hard cock deep inside of me. I moaned as my pleasure heightened in a swirling sensation and my seed exploded fourth from my cock spraying Eli and my bellys. Eli continued fucking me quickened his pace further until he groaned in my ear as he thrusted himself all the way inside of me. I felt his cock spasm as his seed poured out within my tight hole.


Eli slid his cock out of my tight ass and laid down next to me wrapping his arms around me. I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around him. We rested like that, covered in my own seed. Eli took off his glasses resting them on his nightstand.


“That was more than I could have ever dreamed of,” Eli said.


“Yea I never thought I would be lying here in your bed in your arms as a lover, but I really like this.” I said.


“I’m glad,” Eli said. “I’m happy things turned out this way.”


“Yea, me too,” I said as I tucked my head under his chin.


We rested together like that, we had many more nights and days of fun to come ahead of us.