Hey everyone! So I decided to rehaul my website. I’m trying to refocus and streamline it. I also added some new sections.

The About section.

Ever wonder what this website is about or who runs it? Well check out this page.

I rehauled the Writing section adding two new sections to it.

The Books section.

This is where I’ll be posting the ebooks that I’ve written and self published using Smashwords. I also linked my author profile there as well.

The Kinktober 2018 section.

This is where I wrote and drew on prompts form 2018’s Kinktober. No idea what Kinktober is? Check out the page for an explanation.

I also renamed the Chaos Cross section to Chaos Cross (Old 2015)

I am still working on this story so I’m hesitant to remove it, but it is being completly rehauled.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the new site updates along with some quality of life imporvments. I’m still debating on removing the now retired TAIB’s thumbnail in the top right corner. If I do this it will still be avaialbein the Comics section.