I bobbed my head back and forth on my Mistresses strap-on.

“What a good little pet. Now get on all fores.”

I knew what was about to happen, excitedly I got on all fores my ass facing her. Mistress moved my thong to the side, allowing her access to my hole. I felt her firm dildo press against my greedy entrance. I leaned over and bit my finger as she slid the slick toy inside of my loose hole. I let out a moan as she slid it all the way in.

“You love having your ass stuffed by your Mistress don’t you?”

“Yes Mistresss!”

Slowly she began thrusting in and out of my hole. With each thrust her cock slid by, prodding at my prostate. I moaned as she began fucking me harder. Pre began to drip out of the tip of my hard cock. Mistress gripped onto my thick hips slamming her long cock deep inside of me.

“I have such a slutty little Pet, and I love it.”

“Oh, yes Mistress! I Love having your cock inside of me.”

“Yeah? Tell me how much you love it.” She said as she began thrusting wildly inside of me.

I gasped and moaned as my legs trembled. “Your Pet loves having his ass stuffed by you Mistress! Please don’t stop.”

“Mmm, what a good Pet. Such a slut, just how I like you to be.”

I gasped as the onslaught of her cock railed my willing ass. I felt a pleasurable feeling welling up inside of me as my Mistress continued to fuck me mercilessly.

“M-mistress! May I cum? Please?”

“Cum for me my Pet.”

Hearing her magic words I knew I could release. The pleasurable feeling reached a height as I came all over the floor moaning wildly. Mistress slowed her assault on my ass, then slowly pulled out.

I collapsed on the floor in a pile of my own cum.

Mistress grinned at me. “I like this look for you Pet. I think we shall do it again soon. For now though, it’s time for you to service your Mistress. Get back on your feet.”