The hard wooden form of a paddle came down hard on my ass.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

“That’s right, you’re such a good Pet. Good Pet’s get more playtime.”

I was rock hard as Mistress continued to paddle my blushing ass that felt hot and tender. I really enjoyed it when Mistress used implements for pain on me. I gasped as the paddle struck my tender bottom sending a chill down my spine at the pleasure and pain mixed together. She continued to strike after strike paddling my willing ass. I felt lost in all the intense sensations. How long had we been at this now?

I felt something cool and smooth touch my bare ass, it must have been her latex-gloved hands.


“You have a nice shade of pink on your bottom. I think we’ve had enough foreplay and should move on to the main event.”

I felt like I was walking on clouds as she grasped the rope that bound my hands and held me in place. She began to untie them.