“Oh yeah, here they come!” The wasp wrapped her arms around me.

I let out a groan as I felt something inside her ovipositor press up against my loosened hole. I felt a pressure build-up as the egg spread my hole wider than before forcing its way inside of me. I moaned as another egg took its place. The first egg slid down her tube-like appendage and popped out inside of me.

“We’re going to fill you up with eggs!”

Pre dripped from the tip of my cock as egg after egg opened me up sliding deep inside my loose hole. I lost count, it felt like we had been at this for an eternity. I was lost in pleasure. My belly began to swell to the point of looking extremely pregnant. I moaned as the eggs pushed past my prostate, each press making me leak more pre. Finally, I felt my pleasure heighten as I came hard on the floor beneath myself.

The eggs finally began to slow, the got spaced out until finally the last one slid down her ovipositor and popped inside of me nestling with its kin.

“Ahh, that was amazing,” she said. “Well, hopefully, that was the experience you were looking for.”

Her ovipositor retreated out of my loose asshole. I probably would have collapsed to the ground if she hadn’t been holding me. She helped me lie down on my side.

“I’ll go get your Mistress. I suppose I’ll leave the rest to you two. Thanks for inviting me to play with you.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. I think I would just fall asleep here next to a pile of my own cum.