We arrived at the inn when the air was still cool but you could feel the sun’s warmth on your skin. The sky was just starting to brighten as Drog came out of the Inn followed shortly by Fay. I had gotten off of Vinzahk’s back, but let the sleeping Tarja lay on him still.

Fay yawned, but smiled brightly even giving somewhat less of a cringe to Vinzahk, “Morning guys. You didn’t miss anything exciting lat night. Well unless you consider eating and sleeping exciting that is. Are you guys ready to head out?” She seemed to notice Tarja for the first time and made a full laugh that shook her massive chest; I half expected them to fly off. “I see she found you guys last night. She refused to leave you guys out in the cold alone I believe was her excuse.” She then whispered, “Quite adorable actually.”

Zrith was the last out of the Inn, “We should head out since we are all here now.”

We left the Inn travailing along the dirt road toward Featherbrough. A few times as we walked I helped stabilize the sleeping Tarja so she did not fall. Zrith fell behind Drog then Fay till he was next to me.

“I guess now is as good a any time to talk. I see your eyes still haven’t changed back. Has that ever happened to you before?”

It felt strange thinking about talking with Zrith since I hardly knew him, but I really did want someone to talk to. “No I’ve never had such a thing happen to my knowledge. Have you heard of anything similar before?”

“A couple times but they are both different from you. One is when something possesses someone and their eyes change to that of the being who possessed them, the other is of shifters whose eyes change when they shift. In each of those though usually the personality changed somewhat yet that is not happening to you.”

“Yesterday you told me not to tell anyone the name of the language I can speak. Can you tell me why people would possibly kill me for knowing it?” I really was curious because I had no idea about any of it. This was all very strange and new to me.

“Sure,” he murmured. “So the Dark Elves are one of the few races that have an extensive educational system. They have a habit of archiving any information they can get and documenting history well. Shadow realm is an ancient language. It’s said that only the races the God Darkness bestowed his gifts too may speak it. Honestly it is somewhat of a lost language as far as most of the world is concerned. Since no one really interacts with the Darklin it isn’t known if they still speak it. Most peoples who still know about Shadow Realm associate it with a couple things.

One is a being which will murder peoples for no reason or trick you into something that will be terrible. There is a myth that when Shadow realm is spoken immense evils from other realms pour into ours…this is just a myth but some people still believe it. There is also a legend that speakers of Shadow Realm can tap into immense power and will wield it to conquer all races and enslave them. Really you can just take your pick of any of these reasons why someone would want to execute you for speaking this and looking like a Darklin. Honestly you really drew the short end of the stick when it comes to superstitious people who are everywhere, and you’re not getting anymore inconspicuous.”

I drew in a deep breath; he was right. This made things even harder for me.

“Well to be fair most races who speak Shadow Realm have a bad reputation.” Vinzahk chimed in.

“Chaos…do you have any idea what you even are? I mean you are something completely different than I have ever seen or heard of. It MUST be important that you are so unique and have all these strange things happening.” Zrith genuinely looked interested.

I shrugged, “You know I have no idea, but I have a feeling my father didn’t tell me everything that there is to know. He told me briefly about my mother, but nothing about my biological father. He was actually quite suspicious about it.” I sighed. This was definitely important and I wish he had told me more, but even when I pressed the matter he didn’t tell me anything.

I had almost forgotten that I was holding Tarja in place until I felt her stir under my hand. “Hmm mm I moovin?” She peered ahead then looked around groggily.

“You slept in too late. If you keep that up you will never make anything of yourself,” said Zrith as he walked till he was near the front of the group.

Tarja groaned and then changed to a sitting position on Vinzahk and stretched as if this were absolutely normal for her. Since she was awake I started to wonder if I should ask her why she followed us to the cave instead of staying inside with everyone else.

“Can you ask her if she is awake enough to walk?”

I nodded to him. “Tarja are you awake enough now to not be carried by Vinzahk?”

“Oh I think so,” she said while passing another yawn. She slid off the giant nightmare and drug her self along beside me. It seemed she wasn’t a morning person as she didn’t have her usual cheerfulness or energy.

We walked a ways quietly behind the rest. It was actually incredibly quiet out and there were very few birds chirping and singing. The air was still cool and crisp from the night and a fog was barely lifting in the distance even though the sun had been out for a bit. The atmosphere almost seemed ominous.

A loud “HA!” Startled me back to reality and I assume that was supposed to be some kind of laugh from Fay. It was almost embarrassing to hear her brash half laugh.

“I hope we can figure out what’s going on in th next town,” Tarja sighed. “I really hate not being able to help someone when I feel like I should be able too. Also if it’s some kind of sickness I should be able to help as a priest.”

I nodded; that was understandable and I’m sure I’d feel the same way if healing was my gift.

“Do you like helping people?” She asked looking at me all doe eyed and innocent.

I blushed a bit embarrassed by the attention. As much as I wanted to talk to people I wasn’t used to it. “Well yea. I used to help my Father with his patients sometimes. I don’t think I would have joined The Hall otherwise.”

She giggled. “Yes I thought so. You seem really nice even though… well the other day when I healed you. I mean…” Tarja’s voice trailed off and she just stopped talking.

I looked away from her a bit recalling the embarrassing situation. She didn’t continue speaking and there was a very awkward silence.

“Move to the side!” Fay called from the front of our group.

I looked up to see a horse drawn carriage speeding towards us. I stepped aside as did everyone else in our group. The carriage had an roguish looking woodland elf with two hired muscle on either side of him. The cart was sealed and I assumed it had his belongings in it.

As he passed us on the road to Featherbrough he looked at us intently. “Nothing but illness and death awaits everyone in Featherbrough don’t go there,” was all he said before passing us by.

“That was ominous,” I said to Tarja.

“Yea that was creepy…especially with the work we are sent out to do there.”

We had started walking again but I noticed that everyone was getting quieter and talking less. There seemed to be less life in the area surrounding us too. The plants seemed to be getting ready for winter by changing colors and losing leaves in this area even though it was mid summer. Everything was bare.

As we got closer to the city we could see though the fog surrounding it. A thick wooden wall lined the outskirts of the city blocking anyone from entering without permission. The dirt path changed to cobblestone which led up to the gates where the guards stood. To the left of the gate stood a tall wood elf in light mail armor with a bow as his primary weapon of choice and a short sword and dagger as secondaries. To the right stood a stout orc with dark green skin, tusks, wearing plate armor. He had a large great-maul as a weapon along with a dagger in his belt. They stood passively near the gates as we approached.

When we got close enough I noticed that they both seemed to look like the life had been sucked out of them. Their eyes were dark and had large bags under them as welll as their faces being unusually gaunt.

“What’s your business in Featherbrough?” The elf said as he looked us over.

Zrith handed him the missive; the guard gave him a look like he would rather not be touching something a dark elf just touched, but he’d do it anyway since it was his job.

He looked over the paper and handed it back. “Hopefully you lot can do something about this epidemic sprouting up here. It seems to only be getting worse. The Capitan will want to fill you in. Head straight down the street and you will see the barracks.”

The other guard slid a door open to let us pass. We walked in and Tarja audibly gasped. The city was in shambles there was filth everywhere and barely anyone was out. At a large once busy market there there were a handful of vendors with sparse wears. They all looked tired, sick, or both. Most of them were wearing clothes that looked like they hadn’t been changed or cleaned in days. Most of the people out and about looked to be in a similar state of being. Everyone was just barely forcing themselves to continue to do their daily routines to get any work accomplished at all. Even with all the filth there weren’t even any animals out on the streets. It was like all natural signs of life gave up on this place.

We briskly moved toward the large central building down the street which looked like a miniature fortress with guard towers and all. Tarja squeezed so close to me even though there was ample space I could practically feel the warmth off her body.

“I don’t like this place,” She whispered.

“Something doesn’t feel right here,” Drog stated.

We walked up to the stone building and Zrith opened the wooden door. Inside the room was quite a contrast from outside.

Everyone except Vinzahk stepped inside. “I’ll stay out here master.”


The walls had rich tapestries portraying various battles on them, the furniture was taken care of, and the lighting made the inside seem more alive and vivid. A large water elemental sat behind a desk doing paperwork. He was a deep green, the color of the ocean and he had shifted his form to look like he was wearing a uniform. He lifted his featureless head and I assume looked at us when we walked in.

“How may I help you?” His voice was assertive yet melodic and beautiful like a waterfall.

Fay sauntered up to the desk and produced the missive from somewhere within her breasts. “We were sent by The Hall to aid the Capitan of the guard here.”

The elemental took the missive and looked at it breifly then looked back to Fay. “M’Lady it is a pleasure to have your groups help and to house such a special guest as yourself.” He reached out and took her hand then kissed it. “I am Capitan Zabium Borblue at your service.” He stepped out from behind his desk seeming to finally address the rest of us. “A serious issue has befallen Featherbrough. I’m sad to say that our attempts to solve it have been crippled by the issue itself. Many people are falling seriously ill and the medics, clerics, priests or any of them have all said the same thing. This sickness is magical and intentional; someone is attacking Featherbrough and it’s people. Anyone with a shred of magical knowledge seems to be the first to have been hit with this as if the plan was to cripple our city’s sole hope of defense against this. Over three fourths of the city is stricken down with various stages of this illness and the numbers increase every day. We are starting to see casualties from this magical plague for various reasons. Some are from neglect because the people can’t take care of themselves and others are from the illness itself. We have even have a few murders although at least the military that is still in commission was capable of taking care of that.” He paused briefly and surveyed everyone reactions thus far. “Your job will be to search out the source of this offending plague and snuff it out. It would be helpful if you could find out who did this and why, but your number one priority is to stop the source of this issue. Any questions?”

“Yes,” Zrith said. “What exactly does this illness do and how does it spread? Are we likely to catch it as it seems most of the town has?”

“It’s possible if your stay here is extended that you will indeed catch this, but lets hope you work quick enough to not contract it. Before most of our team caught this they had learned that it was spread by some sort of physical contact with whatever the source is, but that wasn’t a lot of help since we didn’t find out what the contaminated object is. They had also narrowed it down to the northern half of the city I know that might not seem like much help, but hopefully it will aid you. Those affected by the illness quickly fall sick with weakness, nausea, dysentery, vomiting…well you can see why nothing is getting done around here and the place is falling to shambles. It doesn’t seem to be transmitted threw the air or contact with other ill people.”

“Capitan you seem to look quite healthy compared to anyone else I’ve seen. Are you immune?” Fay said.

I have no idea how she could tell if a water elemental looks ill or not. I wondered if this had to do with whatever Fay actually was; the Capitan seemed to know what she was when he saw her.

“Yes I seem to be one of the few who is still in perfect health. It could just be that I have not encountered the substance yet or that I am in-fact immune. Hopefully your attributes will keep you safe as well.”

Fay giggles at whatever inside joke passed between them. “You are too kind Capitan.”

Zrith cleared his throat interrupting the two. “We should get a move on then. Capitan do we have a place to stay or will we have to find our own when the time comes to turn in?”

“Ah yes! You all can stay here in the barracks. Ladies you will have your own room Gentlemen you might have to share your room.”

I chimed in. “Oh ah we have a steed that might need a place. He is kind of…special and…on fire.”

The Captain was quiet for a moment then looked from Fay to me. “You have…a nightmare?” His voice rose. He looked back at Fay. “You are… okay with this?”

Fay spoke in a distinctly agitated voice, “We have come to an understanding.” She stretched out the last word.

The Capitan stood there for a while possibly wanting to ask questions or out right deny the request or maybe just thinking of where to put Vinzahk. “We have a storm shelter that should be safe for the creature it can stay there when it needs to rest.” He went back around his desk opened a drawer and then took out a key. “This is for the lock bring it back when you don’t need it anymore. Annie!”

As soon as he called a tiny pixie glowing pink flew in the room. “Sir?”

“Oh don’t pretend like you weren’t listening show them where the shelter is and their rooms. You know the ones.”

“Yes sir!” She chirped and picked up the key that was twice her size flew towards us. “Here you go.” She brought the key to Fay who took it from her. “This way this way quickly now.”

She buzzed down the right hall that she flew in from.

“It’s so hard to find good help these days…” The Capitan mumbled as we left following the tiny pixie.

Annie had shown us the two rooms in the barracks that we would be staying in and then the storm shelter for Vinzahk.

“Well I guess that’s all you guys need,” the bubbly fairy said as she led us out of the building.

“Thanks for the tour.” Tarja sang.

She had become visibly happier after being around Annie. She had become very saddened by the state of the town and what the Captain said.

“Not a problem come back if you guys have any questions we might be able to help you with.”

We left the barracks with a map that Annie had located for us and headed toward the Northern part of the city. Even though it was about mid day there was still barley anyone out and the people who were looked dirty and tired. The rest of the town looked filthy too because everyone could hardly keep themselves together let alone the town. As we walked toward the northern part of the town there became a string of shops, buildings, and other nonresidential places. It seems that the southern half of the city had the major housing area and the Norther half was all business.

“Do we have anything we wanted to do first?” Drog asked.

Tarja agreed, “Maybe we should test the food and water for traces of anything.”

Zrith interjected, “That’s a good idea, but the Capitan said whatever was doing this is magical. We should try to detect some kind of magic.” He tuned to Fay, “Can you do that?”

“I’ll try.” She calmed herself and seemed to go into a trance for a moment. “No it is beyond my kind of magic, but I can detect there is some kind of mass illusion in this town. I can’t tell you more than that.”

Both her and Zrith looked at me expectantly. I nodded and decided I would give it a shot. I knelt down and touched the cobblestone closing my eyes and letting my consciousness extend outward. I started mentally searching for magical traces. There was a bit on my companions and various people around the city…the sick people had more of a trace on them a different kind. This is what I was looking for so I kept searching for more of it. Straight ahead there was a large magical energy, but it was not the same it felt lighter. Mages must frequently congregate here. As I extended my consciousness more I felt a sharp coldness that hit my like a slap across the face, but I stayed focused. There was an emptiness below the building…a void. It was abnormal and unusual. It was a protective field to keep beings from detecting it, but detecting nothing was infect detecting something in this case.

I sensed around the town more, but everything else seemed normal.

I brought my consciousness back to myself, opened my eyes, and stood up. My head was spinning as I was still slightly sensing magic. Suddenly I collapsed.

He has been kneeling for a while and we all were looking back and fourth at each other. I wondered if I should say something. I looked at Vinzahk who noticed my gaze and just snorted. Chaos stood up and then quickly fell to the ground unconscious. My heart felt like it stopped, but my body moved without any thought. I rushed to the ground beside him and checked to see if he was breathing.

He was breathing, but I needed to check more and I knew I couldn’t use my magic to heal him. There had to be something I could do. I decided to try to use my magic to sense what I would normally heal in him. I put my paw out and hovered it over his body. I could sense that his body was alright and he wasn’t physically hurt. I moved my paw up to his head and could tell something was not right. I focused on it and could feel something strange. I felt a strange awareness that something magical intentionally overloaded his mind. His body was trying to recuperate in a state of rest. He would be ok, but for now he couldn’t tell us anything.

By now the rest of the group was standing over me anxiously awaiting anything. “I think he found whatever we are looking for and it kind of attacked him in a way. He will be ok he is just exhausted and I can’t heal him. Basically he is in a deep sleep because his mind shut down.”

Zrith swore. I looked back to Chaos and wondered what I would do if he got hurt again.

“What are you doing?” Fay said and I suddenly realized the Nightmare was kneeling next to me which is who she was addressing.

It bit my arm piercing skin and yanking it toward Chaos’s mouth. “Oh! You’re right,” I said to Vinzahk. “I’ve got it.”

He let go of my arm and moved away from us. By now blood was freely flowing down my wrist. I propped his head up on my knees and opened his mouth and let the blood flow into it.

Everything was pitch black. I tried to remember what I had been doing or where I was. I looked down and oddly enough I could see myself as if it were day. Was I in a void of darkness? Where Was I?

A deep masculine laugh reverberated threw the darkness; it was not my own. “Chaos we don’t have much time together like this so I’ll make it quick. Someone powerful has it out to kill you. Hmm I guess that’s my fault. Your current companions are trustworthy.”

“Who are you?”

“I guess you woulds call me your father… Yes I think that is right. Hmm that would make you my son. Talk to the Shaman Veshnar if you like. Goodbye for now…son.” A maniacal laughing echoed threw the darkness.


Everything became unbearably bright and I realized I was awaking. Was that a dream? If it wasn’t and that was really my real father… Veshnar would know. Was he a mage?

I could taste blood and I knew whose it was. I could feel small yet deceptively strong arms holding me and a warmth like Vinzahk’s fire. I blinked my eyes to try to clear my vision and adjust to light.

As I came to I saw we were in a different spot and it was just Tarja, Vinzahk and myself we were in a abandoned ally. Tarja cradling me in her arms and we were riding on Vinzahk. She didn’t look at all like herself.

She noticed I was awake. “Stay quiet there’s been a misunderstanding.”

I tried to move but out of her arms to sit along side her on Vinzahk, but she had a vise like grip and wouldn’t loosen.

“Don’t move,” she whimpered. “You’re still weak and I wasn’t able to give you much blood.”

I stared at her; I didn’t want to be treated like a child. I also had no idea what had transpired since I was last conscious so I decided it would be best to trust her. I listened to my surroundings and realized there was shouting going on near by. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but people sounded angry.

Outside the ally there was a shriek and what seemed like a fire explosion.

Vinzahk let out at a full sprint in the opposite direction. He was incredibly fast; faster than any steed or creature I have ever seen. We were barreling down the ally and out onto a side street. A merchant tending his cart fell over in the wake of our rush and yelled some obscenity’s. Tarja tightened her grip on me and let out a low whine. I looked and saw why. We were movnign faster and faster straight toward the fifteen foot wooden barrier between the city and outside.


He leapt into the sky with such grace and power I didn’t know was possible of a creature so large and muscular with two riders. It was like we flew over the top of the wall I half expected to suddenly notice he had wings. We glided down the other side landing safely on the ground. He kept running away from the elf cleared land into the nearby natural forest.

We ran in silence; I had no idea what we were running from. After a while he stopped near a pond in a mossy area covered by trees. The forest was darker than outside because of the mas canopy of interlocking branches. It was several degrees cooler and slightly foggy.

Tarja jumped down from Vinzahk while still holding me.

“Could I try to stand now? Also what is going on? Can you guys fill me in.”

“You could try to, but I think it might be better if you sat.”

She put me on the ground and I stood up. I quickly realized she was right as I felt my body want to give out from underneath me. I quickly sat back down.

Tarja sat across for me and briefly smiled. “Whats the last thing you remember?”

I sighed. I was very frustrated by everything at the moment finding the place of our mission, possibly talking to my dad, his strange warning that I have no idea to take seriously, being thrown into a strange situation, but I wasn’t going to take it out on mt friends. Yes I have friends. Only friends would have tried to help me like this from whatever was going on.

“I remember searching for magic, and then finding an area that was being protected by magic it was devoid of any magic. I think it was hiding any magic held within.”

She gasped. “So you found it! That’s great!” She reached out and put her hand on mine as her tail thumped on the ground excitedly. Then she looked hurt and pulled back, “Well if they let us back. I mean I’m sure they will, but well let me just tell you what happened. After you stood up you collapsed on the ground and I figured out that whatever you found had attacked you and depleted all your energy,” She motioned to me sitting on the ground. “I wanted to heal you, but I knew I couldn’t and then Vinzahk bit my arm and brought it close to you and I realized I could heal you.” She paused for a minute looking sadly at the ground. “Well it started to work and it seemed like you were drinking it kind of. Some of the villagers had apparently been drawn out to the scene and then the guards and everyone just…overreacted.”

When it became clear she wasn’t going to say more I spoke. “What happened Tarja? You can tell me.”

She started wringing the end of her loincloth in a nervous facion. “Well they thought you were a Darklin and that I was trying to help you; well the helping part is true. They thought that we were there to attack them or that this sickness was your fault. They tried to attack us. I grabbed you and Zrith told us to get out of there so we did. You saw the rest.”

“That explosion was Fay,” Vinzahk said and I relayed that to Tarja.

She sat there waiting for my response to any of this. I had no idea what to say or do this was how people tended to treat me. I could understand their response they were angry and frightened. It didn’t mean I had to like what happened or what was happening to my friends. Honestly it made me angry and I felt so helpless not knowing what was going or or being able to help.

“I understand why you didn’t want to tell me; so thank you for telling me.”

She just stared at me; obviously that wasn’t the response she was expecting.

“Something happened while I was unconscious… I’m not sure if it was just a dream or if ti was real. Someone talked to me…”

“What was it?”

“It honestly might have been nothing, but I felt like it was real. I’m not sure I really believe it, but it felt real. Someone spoke to me and he claimed to be my father. He told me that someone powerful wants to kill me and that it’s his fault; he also said that you guys were trustworthy.” I really felt like I should have just waited till something happened to confirm this, but my head was spinning with everything that had just happened and I wanted advice. Or maybe I just wanted to talk and tell someone. “He also said I could talk to Veshnar; he’s really the only father I’ve ever known. Maybe if this really was real he will have answers for me.”

Tarja ran her hand threw he mohawk, “Well I guess we can just play it safe for now. Let’s hope it was nothing because people trying to kill you would be awful. Maybe sometime we can take a detour after this and visit him or some other time soon to get answers. For the moment though we should figure out what we are ding right now. You need to regain your strength and we need to figure out if we are staying here or going back. You should drink more of my blood; I can heal myself.”

I froze.

“What?” She scooted closer to me. “Is something wrong?”

“No. I mean Yes something is wrong no I will not drink your blood.”

Her jaw dropped. “Why? You need it!”

“I prefer not to drink the blood of anyone sentient.” I paused not wanting to continue. I knew if I didn’t tell her the reason she wouldn’t relent, but if I told her why she would know what happened. She would know that I knew everything about her. “Anytime I drink blood from someone sentient…I see everything. Their whole life up to that point it’s like I live it. I just.. I’m sorry I feel bad because well.” I motioned to her and then put my hand on my face. I couldn’t stand to look her in the eyes right now. “There has to be some other way like animals around here we could use instead.”

She was quiet for a moment.

I let my hand fall away from my face and looked at her. “For some reason I didn’t see anything when you gave me blood though..maybe because I was dreaming or having a vision or…”

She held Up her hand, “I don’t care this will work. I don’t mind sharing my life with you so that I can heal you.”

“Do as she says there aren’t any animals around here…there is something wrong with this forest. I’d much rather get out of here quickly.”

I became aware how silent the forest was. I looked in the pond and there were no fish. The trees had no birds or bugs, and there was nothing padding threw the underbrush. This place was eerie and I was just being stubborn. Maybe I just wanted to avoid this because it seemed awkward.

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Tarja turned toward Vinzahk and held out her arm. He trotted away from the clearing. “Wait!” She started to get up with a lost look on her face then looked back to me.

“It would be quicker and easier if I just bit you,” I mumbled and looked away.


I heard her move and then she was sitting in my lap and wrapped her arms around me. I looked over to see her neck right in front of my face.

“Will this work?” She spoke quietly into my neck.

It would work, but it made me very uncomfortable. She was on top of me holding me in a very intimate way. Our body’s were touching in a manner which I had never experienced before. It all made me very hasty to get out of this position. “It will work.”

I put an arm around her waist and the other around her head and bit down on her neck. She gasped slightly and tensed then relaxed to the point of going limp in my arms.

I started to see her life from the last time I’d bit her to this point. I felt how she felt when I bit her. It felt warm and pleasurable and I enjoyed it; no she had enjoyed it these were her memories not mine. Maybe I enjoyed it? She had felt incredibly lustful. Then after I stopped biting her she felt embarrassed that this happened with everyone around. She felt so ashamed she slept as far away from me as she could.

She started developing feeling for me even though she had thoughts that she still had to go back to her tribe and it was causing her pain to think about. Her feeling were getting stronger and she wanted the courage to act on them, but feared it would all be for nothing or I would reject her.

She tried flirting with me or blatantly showing up to the cave and sleeping next to me, but I had been oblivious. She tried to stay away from me a bit, but decided she preferred to travel near me. It made her happy. We were in Featherbrough and I fell unconscious. She was so scared that I was hurt she tried something she’d never done before to see what was wrong.

When Vinzahk bit her arm she was glad to have a way to help and didn’t think twice about it. When the villagers and guards started getting aggressive she was ready to take someone out. When Zrith told her to get me out of there she was ready. When she knew I was too weak and needed blood she offered even after hearing what would happen. She thought it might not be bad for me to know how she felt since she couldn’t get it across by herself. The only things she was anxious about was how she would feel when I bit her, if it would end up embarrassing her, and how I would react to the knowledge I gained.

I stopped biting her, but tried to move as little as possible unsure of what to do next. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what was right or even what I should do. I felt lost and a stranger in my own body as it burned with a new passion and confusing emotions. Everything was happening too fast for me and it didn’t help that my body was ready to make the next leap when my mind wasn’t. Our privates touched each other in the position we were in ever since I felt everything she had. I hoped she wouldn’t notice even thought it was rubbing against her.

She started to come back to life in my arms and move around. She arched her back grinding into my lap and made a whining sound as her tail stated to thump on the ground. “Chaos,” she whispered.

Her movement was exciting me even more and this strange feeling intensified as our bodies rubbed together. “Yes?”

She scooted and adjusted till she was face to face with me. Each movement causing tingles of sensation and warmth wherever she touched. Especially down there it stared to feel hot. She looked at me like she was going to say something or waiting for a response. I couldn’t tell. She leaned in and kissed me roughly.

I kissed her back and started to run my hands over her body feeling her soft fur and the cloth of her clothes under my fingers. She ran her paws down my neck and chest and then gently pulled away from the kiss. “This is ok right?”

I thought about it for only a second. I’d never done anything like this before, but why not? “Yes this is ok,” I said as I continued to cares her sides down to her hips. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I secretly hoped she did.

Our lips locked again this time our tongues slipped in and out of each other’s mouth. Her tongue was so much larger than mine. She started trying to slip off my robe, but came to a snag at my wings. With one hand I explored the feeling of her soft breasts and with the other I fiddled with the tie at the top of her clothes. It came undone and I started pulling it down.

Vinzahk came charging back threw the woods, “I’ve figured out why there are no creatures here.”

Startled I just stared at him.

“We need to leave. There are mer-fiends here. They completely wiped out all life in the forest. The Mer-folk that have gone mad. They have tunnel systems under the water which is why we didn’t see anything.”

“What’s going on?” Tarja said as she slipped the little bit of my robe she’d gotten off back on.

I tied her top back up. “He said we need to leave now and that mer-fiends have killed everything in this forest.”

She gasped and stood up; we both got back on Vinzahk and he started to charge out of there, but not before a mer-fiend attacked.

Mer-fiends were actually mer-folk, but they had become murderous cannibalistic terrors of the sea and even land close to water. Who even knew why they were here? Yes there was water nearby and even a bigger water system further away, but it seems like they had made this forest and lake their home base to operate out of if it was this silent and there was no life.

A gray creature slithered up to a tall height and chucked a spear at us as we ran. I put my arm out and thought of a shield I created a barrier in time for the spear to hit it. As we sped away I could hear the mer-fiend hiss, shriek, scream, and I’m sure sound the alarm.

“We should try to head back to the city.”

Vinzahk snorted in approval and Tarja murmured an agreement.