Here is where I’ll post my stories and drawings from my Kinktober challangeof 2018. Don’t know what Kinktober is? It’s based off of inktober which is where you draw an inked drawing for the entire month of October. In Kinktober you try to draw, write, or both a kinky story/image to go with the prompt.

Day 1 Deep-throating, Masks

Day 2 Begging

Day 3 Sensory Depravation

Day 4 Spanking

Day 5 Sadism/Masochism

Day 6 Corset, Cock Worship

Day 7 Incest

Day 8 Fisting

Day 9 Bondage

Day 10 Waxplay

Day 11 Crossdressing

Day 12 Rimming

Day 13 Gag

Day 14 Distention

Day 15 Overstimulation

Day 16 Nippleplay

Day 17 Collaring

After day 17 I went on vacation with family and could not continue my writing and drawing for the month.