Sensory depravation

I beamed as I looked down at my sub. I had put him in a sensory deprivation mask, a corset, and arm and leg cuffs. He was on his back with his arms bound under his legs, and his legs were bound together.

I had riled him up not telling him what my plans had been. Teasing, hinting at what it might be, but never really giving him the satisfaction of a full answer. I reached down and grasped onto his bottom as he jumped slightly.

Caressing him from his buttocks up his legs until I had his feet in my gloved hands. I reached over onto my dresser and grabbed a long rod with a feather on the end. I ran it down the center of his foot.

He jumped and wiggled beneath me. I could hear him laughing threw the mask as I continued to tickle his feet. I loved watching him shudder and twitch as I tickled him with the feather.

I continued until he was twisting and turning trying to pull away, then I pulled the feather away. I ran it down his leg and up to his chest. I dropped the feather on the bed and reached out grabbing his nipples. I gently squeezed them between my fingers rolling them between them.

I could hear him making muffled noises, but the involuntary movements from the tickling had stopped. I looked down to see his flaccid member stiffen slightly at my presence upon his nipples.

I had set the mood of the room by lighting candles, specifically white ones. I smiled as these had a hidden purpose. I would drip wax on his bottom next.

I must say I do love this mask, as it makes everything more intense for him. After all seeing his responses to my teasing was the fun of it.