Mistress had already done the prep work of stretching my hole. My cock was hard with excitement, pre dripped from the tip. She had me with my legs spread apart on the bed.

“I believe you’re ready,” she said.

I merely smiled at her, too excited and anxious to choose any words to say. She kneeled before me so she had easy access to my rear. She took a bottle of lube off her nightstand and began lubing up her right fist and gloved arm. She also poured lube over my erect cock. I was excited about whatever it was she had planned. She closed the fingers of her right hand together to form a pointed shape. I felt her fingers at my needy entrance, I wanted her inside of me.

I wished I could see what she was doing, I knew it would excite me even more. Her fingers began to slide into my loosened hole. I gasped at the intense feeling as more and more of her hand slid inside of me. My hole opened up as her knuckles crested my hole. It felt so big inside of me, I let out a moan as her knuckles began to slide inside of me. I felt myself opening up wider and deeper as her fist slid deeper inside of me. I felt the widest part of her fist pass as my hole tired to close as much as it could behind it.

I groaned and my cock twitched as the rest of her fist slid inside of me. She began to slide her arm into my depths. I was so excited I wanted to touch myself, but I knew Mistress had her own plans. My cock had to be lubed up for a reason. I could feel her arm getting wider the more she inserted into me. Suddenly her entry stopped and I looked down to see what she was doing.

She lifted her other hand and began stroking my slick cock. She began to slowly move her arm out and then in my greedy hole. I moaned lewdly as my Mistress fisted me while stroking my cock.

“Enjoying yourself?” She inquired with a grin.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said.

She began to quicken the pace she inserted and pulled out her gloved arm from deep within me. Each thrust felt amazing as her fist rubbed on my prostate. More pre dripped from the tip of my cock as she fisted me and stroked my hard member. The pleasure was immense and I didn’t want it to stop, it felt so good. She began to quicken the speed she stroked my cock. I let out another moan as the pleasure heightened. I felt a warm pleasurable feeling welling up inside me. I knew what was to come if she continued.

“Mistress I’m getting close!”

“Cum for me my pet,” she said.

Knowing I could get release pushed me over the edge and I cried out as my seed exploded forth from my cock all over my latex corset. I could feel my Mistress begin to pull her fist out of my ass. She released my cock as well. Her fist popped out of my loose hole which gaped from the aftermath of out fun.