I had my sexy outfit on that my Mistress had got for me. She had placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles.

Mistress smiled at me and ran a hand down my cheek. “Alright my pet, now its time for you to get on the bed.”

I grinned, excited for whatever it was she had planned. I got up on the bed and laid down on my back. Mistress went around the bed and locked the restraints to my cuffs one at a time. With the locking of each cuff, I gave a bit of my freedom away. It was an exhilarating feeling.

“There, now my precious pet is secure and safe.” She said. “It’s time for a bit of a game.”

She walked over to her dresser and picked up a long white candle that was unlit. She dipped the wick into a nearby lit candle, lighting it up. The room was silent other than the hissing of the candles. I was curious why she needed a candle. Mistress walked over to me placing a gloved hand on my hip. she rolled my leg to the inside revealing my right buttock. She places her free hand on my bottom ad squeezed it firmly.

“Ready for some wax play?” Mistress said.

My eyes lit up, we hadn’t done it before, but Mistress knew I had wanted to. “Yes!”

She turned the candle diagonally allowing the wax which was pooling at the top to drip down onto my waiting nude rear. I gasped at the hot sensation that hit my bare flesh. First one drip then two, the stinging heat aroused me and I squirmed underneath it.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” Mistress said.

“Yes!” I called out.

Mistress’s smile widened and she allowed more wax to drip on my butt. I gasped as the hot stinging caressed my ass. Wax began to pile up on my exposed bottom. each droplet felt like a hot stinging kiss which quickly dispersed. My member stiffened as more and more wax was dripped onto my rear. I closed my eyes enjoying the hot sting of the wax wherever it landed on my rear.

“There, now your bottom is covered in a beautiful layer of white wax.” Mistress said. “Now that foreplay is over we can move onto more interesting experiences.”