Mistress had dressed me up as per usual. She was adding cuffs to me as I watched her.

“Now for the finishing touch,” she said.

She took a red ball gag off the dresser and held it in front of me.

“Open your mouth,” she said holding the ball gag enticingly.

I opened my mouth and she placed the red ball inside. She took the black leather strap and wrapped it around the back of my head locking it into place with the belt.

“I’m going to see how much noise that gag can muffle tonight. Now get on the bed, on your back.”

I proceeded to hop up onto the plush bed and lay on my back in the center of it. She walked around the bed grabbing the straps which hung out from beneath it and locked my cuffs in a spread eagle position. She grinned as she gazed down at my form. Mistress crawled up onto the bed between my legs. She grabbed my flaccid member and began to lick it.

The feeling of her hot wet tongue on my shaft was pleasurable. She licked from the base to the tip and then inserted it into her mouth. I let out a muffled moan as my member quickly hardened at he teasing. She began to bob her head up and down while stroking the bottom of my shaft with her hand. I quickly grew to full erectness.

Mistress slid her mouth off my cock, but continued stroking it with her hand. “Now we get to the fun part.”