Here is where I’ll post links to my books and a breif synopis.  Each of these is self published through Smashwords.

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Trouble at the Family Reunion

In a forest occupied by Wood Elves, one of them called Annie is getting ready for a family reunion. Annie has a secret crush on her cousin Damien who will be there. What would happen if he found out? Incest isn’t illegal, but it’s widely looked down on. What would her family think of her and her desires? If her secret gets out her life might change drastically. Will the repercussions be positive or negative for her life? Follow Annie on the day of her family reunion to find out.

The Secret Diary

When Damien looks into his brother Cyrill’s diary he finds something surprising. Will this change his relationship with his brother forever? Damien must decide whether or not he’s going to act on this new found discovery. Watch Damien as he struggles to make a decision that could change his and Cyrill’s life forever and the consequences of his decision thereafter.

An Illegal Suggestion

Raven and Midnight are twin dark elf male strippers in medieval times. Their lives change when they are accused of incest which is illegal where they live. Will they get thrown into jail? Or perhaps they will make a decision that affects them for the rest of their lives? Follow Raven as he faces these obstacles in his path.