Kinktober Day 1 - Spanking, Wax play

I felt like I had been dressed to the nines. Mistress had put me in latex heeled boots , fishnets, and latex opera gloves. She smiled at me, her eyes determined and passionate.

“Bend over the bar.”

I did as she said, excited for what was to come. Unable to speak because of the red ball gag in my mouth. She grabbed the paddle with the words “SLUT” embossed in red lettering on the black paddle. I felt her hand grope my bottom and then caressed it gingerly. Her hand disappeared and with a loud slap the paddle came down on my bare ass. I made muffled sounds as she began alternating slaps with the paddle and her hand. I never knew which she was going to use next and the anticipation along with the feeling made me hard.

She paddled one cheek and then the other. “Your ass is beginning to gain a lovely shade of pink.”
As she paddled my willing waiting ass it began to feel more tender. Each slap stung a little bit more pleasing my pain loving self. My moans were muffled by the ball gag as she paddled my ass.

“Are you ready for something a bit more hot?”

I tried to speak, but only muffled sounds came out. I nodded instead. My ass throbbed and felt cool air against it. Something hot stung my already blushing rear. I jumped slightly and looked back. My Mistress had a candle and was dripping hot wax onto my ass. She trailed the droplets up my back then back down onto my ass. The stinging hot droplets felt amazing. I squirmed under the heat of the droplets. A bit of pre dribbled out the tip of my cock.

After a moment the droplets stopped. I wanted to call out to her and beg for more. I looked back at her with pleading eyes.
She had a smile on her face as she place the candle back in a candle holder.
“Ah, you want more? Well I have other plans.”

She stepped up behind me and undid the strap of the ball gag.

“Let’s put your moth to other uses.”