Kinktober Day 2 Rimming

I stood in the room wearing only my boots, opera gloves and my collar. “What would my Mistress have me do?”

She was just wearing her opera gloves. This was curious compared to normal. “Lean against the bar and stick your ass out. You’ve been so good lately, I have a treat for you.”

I got excited and turned around to lean on the bar. I looked at her over my shoulder. She approached me and got on her knees. Mistress spread my cheeks apart and began to lick my hole.

“Oh, Mistress!”

She only responded by rimming me further. My sensitive hole tingles with her touch. Her tongue bringing about a moistness possibly for further play. I could feel my excited member stiffen as she encircled my hole with her tongue. I gasped as she changed direction playfully teasing me. She reached up between my legs and slowly stroked my hard cock.

“M-Mistress!” I cried out in pleasure.

I felt very special to have such a reward, Mistress was very kind. I focused on the sensation of her tongue dancing around my entrance as she stroked my cock. I wanted nothing more than for her to use me further. Her tongue slipped inside me and wiggled around then thrusted in and out of me. Her stroking of my cock became faster.

Pre began to leak from the tip of my cock. Mistress released my cock, fondling my balls momentarily as she pulled away and stood up. She embraced me from behind and nibbled on my ear.

“Is my pet ready to move on to the next step?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Good,” She kissed my ear sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

“Let’s move to the couch.”