Mistress dug through a chest while I stood there, gaged, watching. We were both matching in that we both has latex opera gloves and leggings. Mistress smiled as she stopped digging through the chest.

“Here it is! The surprise I had mentioned before.”

She walked over to me with a large purple glass looking ring. She had been teasing me earlier, so I was already hard. She slid the ring over my cock, it was quite loose. She spoke a magic word I didn’t understand and the ring resized to perfectly fit around my cock. Suddenly, without any pain, my cock and the ring grew and expanded to three times it;’s normal size. She grinned at me giggling mildly.

“Surprise! It’s a magical cockring that increases your size by three. Tonight your going to be luncky enough to use that now monster of a cock on me.”

My eyes widened in surprise. This was a real treat. Mistress walked back over to the chest and pulled out something familiar. It was a jar of lube. She walked back over to me and opened the jar. She began lubing up my cock, the sensation was cool at first then it quickly warmed up and her touch felt slick and nice. She took what remained on her hand and rubbed her bare pussy inserting a couple of fingers. She climbed up onto her bed Mistress’s rear facing me enticingly. She stayed on all fours.

She looked back at me. “Come on, get up on the bed and position yourself behind me.”

I excitedly complied with my new found monster of a cock swinging between my legs. I wondered if she’s actually be able to take all of it. I positioned myself behind her and waited for further instruction. I stared at her wet pussy wanting to test the waters.

“Now begin putting the head in.”

I guided my cock to her slick entrance and began to press my enormous head into her. She let out a groan as it opened her up. She felt so tight as the head popped inside of her.

“Mmm, yea. Slide more inside.”

I placed my hands on her hips and began to slowly slide more and more of my enormous cock inside of her. She moaned and looked back at me as I got about half of it inside of her.

“Mmm, pet, look at what your massive cock is doing to my stomach.”

I looked down and noticed her belly beginning to distend, making her look as though she were pregnant. This excited me. She was hot and warm around my massive cock, I slid more and more inside of her as she moaned and squirmed. Soon my groin butted up against her pussy as she took the entire length. I looked down and her belly was extremely swollen filled to the brim with my enlarged cock.

“Fuck me now!” she cried out.

I complied excitedly and began thrusting my massive cock in and out of her tight wet hole. She moaned lewdly and rocked her hips back and forth as I fucked her with long hard strokes.

“Mmm, yes my pet, fuck me harder!”

I gripped onto her waist harder and began to thrust wildly into her tight pussy. She moaned each time I buried my cock deep inside her. I felt her pussy clamp down around my cock as she let out a long moan and her pussy filled with her own fluids squirting out and wetting my groin and thighs.

“Yes, my pet, fuck me hard until you cum!”

I slid my massive cock in and out of her, each stroke distending her belly to accommodate my massive size. He legs began to tremor as I fucked her hard and rough. Each stroke was quick and slapped against her groin firmly. She cried out in pleasure as I buried my cock all the way inside of her warm wet hole. I let loose what had to also be a magically enhanced amount of seed deep within her. She groaned as her belly distended further filling her to the brim with my cum.

“Ahh, yes. You can pull out now.”

Slowly I slid my now softening cock out of her tight pussy. As I slid it out with a pop, her pussy gaped slightly and my seed spilled out of her. She rolled over and looked at me. She outstretched her arms.

“Come here.”

I embraced her and we laid on her bed together as the remains of my seed spilled out of her pussy.