I sat in the bed with my legs spread apart as I held them from underneath. Mistress has been opening me up anally. I was excited for what was next. I was gaged with a ball gag and wore my latex opera gloves and leggings. I stared at my Mistress longingly.

She grinned at me, excitement showing in her expression. “I think your ready for the next step. Don’t you?”

I nodded wildly. She took the jar of lube on the nightstand and lubed up each of her digits on her right hand. Then she lubed up the rest of her hand and her arm up to the elbow. I gazed wide eyes at her. How much was she planning on putting in me? My already erect member twitched in anticipation. She put her fingers together and narrowed them to a point. Mistress pressed her fingers up against my already used hole. I was so excited. I loved fisting.

“Is my pet ready?”

I nodded.

“Of coarse you are.”

She began to press her fingers into my loose hole. They started opening me up easily until they got to the knuckles. Her penetration started to slow. I felt my body slowly opening up allowing her greater entry. I laid back and tired to relax as more and more of her fist entered me. Soon I felt my body allow her full entry as my loose hole tried to close around her wrist.

She smirked seductively at me. “Well that was easy enough. Seems like our play earlier really opened yo up nicely. What a good pet you are.”

I felt stupidly happy. I would be grinning at her if I didn’t have my mouth full with a ball gag. Slowly she started sliding her fist inside me deeper and deeper. My moans were muffled by the ball gag as she stretched me pleasingly. I felt so full. She seemed to glide inside of me with her own latex opera glove covering her arm and hand.

I felt so stuffed as she slid more and more of her arm inside of me. My hard cock twitched as pre was forced out as her arm pressed against my prostate. My hole stretched wide as half of her forearm was now inside me.

“I think it’s time to start fucking you.”

I stared longingly at her as she slowly began to move her arm back and forth inside of me. A sensual chill was sent down my spine as she slowly fucked me with her arm. She began to build up speed as she entered and exited my used abused hole. I was loving every moment of this. I moaned against my ball gag as she fucked my loose hole faster and faster.

“My, my, what a good pet. All nice and loose for my fist. Are you liking it? You seem to be. Pre is dripping from the tip of your cock steadily.”

I tried to moan in response, her pace began to get quick as she fucked me relentlessly with her fist. My hole closed and opened around her arm with each stroke filling my body with a warm pleasurable feeling. Her fist dove deeply in me opening me up wide inside. Soon she was fucking me at a very fast pace and I was moaning almost continually at the massive amount of pleasure I was receiving. I wanted to call out to her, cry for my Mistress to continue to fuck me. I didn’t want her to stop.

“You look like such a sloppy mess, and I love it. You seem to be lost in pleasure.”

I felt a pleasurable feeling welling up inside of me as she fucked me roughly with quick long strokes. I didn’t want it to end, but I knew my body, I knew what was happening. I felt myself tighten around her as my cock spasmed shooting my hot load across my chest in several spurts.

Mistress slowed down her pace, then finally stopped, pulling her arm out of me. She stretched open my loose hole with her hands.

“You have such a nice gape right now. If only you could see it. Well, at least you seemed to enjoy yourself.”

I breathed heavily as I stared at my Mistress, my body shook slightly at the intense orgasm. I knew now it was my turn to service her and make her cum. After a few deep breathes I knew I was ready for more fun.