Mistress just finished wrapping my torso in a clingy wrap.

“Now let’s get you on your back.”

Mistress helped me onto my knees and then down on my back. “Mistress what are we doing?”

She smiled coyly at me. “Oh, don’t worry about it. You’ll find out very quickly here.”

I grinned at her. She stepped over me, I could look up and see her bare ass and pussy hovering over me. She lowered herself down until her pussy was pressed against my lips.

She leaned over, hovering inches from my cock. “Use your mouth to pleasure me while I do the same for you.”

With that she opened he mouth inserting my cock inside her warm wet chasm. I immediately started licking up and down her slit, pausing momentarily on her hard nub to encircle it pleasingly. She bobbed her head up and down lubing up my rapidly stiffening cock which begun to fill her mouth. I was excited to have her sitting on my face. I flicked her clit rapidly causing her to squirm on my face. She bobbed her head up and down quickening her pace, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

I squirmed slightly stretching at my bindings as she face-fucked my cock. I attempted to pleasure her as enthusiastically as I was. I licked her clit, sucking on it roughly. She squirmed on my face and I could feel her juices trickling across my face. With each stroke of her mouth upon my hard cock I felt closer and closer to climax. I licked her slit up and down then slid my tongue inside her dripping wet pussy. I slid it in and out then back down her slit to her clit and began sucking on it, flicking her clit with my tongue.

I tired to speak, but there was just too much pussy on my face, so a muffled sound was all that came out. I couldn’t warn her of what was about to come. I felt the pleasure welling up inside me. The pleasurable feeling rose withing me exploding out the tip of my cock ash I shot my load into my Mistress’s mouth. She went all the way to the base as she swallowed my seed.

After I let loose he last of my load deep in her mouth she pulled back and sat up. Turning around she kissed me and slid some of my seed back into my mouth. I kissed her back and swallowed it greedily. When she pulled away she smiled at me.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”


She smiled at me as she licked her lips. “I think it’s my turn now.”

I smiled at her. I was ready and excited for whatever was to happen next.