Mistress looked hot in her latex mask. She zipped up the back of my latex mask. Mistress turned me around away from her.

“Bend over my pet.”

I bent over leaning against the railing on the wall.

“You’ve been quite naughty disobeying a direct order. You came too soon and now you will have to face the consequences.”

I looked over my shoulder at my Mistress, I knew I was about to get a punishment. She pulled out the leather black and red flogger. My eyes widened in excitement, I was a bit of a pain slut. She ran the flogger across her hand and then brushed it up against my ass.

“I hope your ready my naughty little pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She reeled back her arm and swung the flogger striking my bare ass. I gasped at the stinging sensation. Again she swung the flogger, leather straps striking my ass firmly. She slapped the flogger across my ass repeatedly in quick succession causing the stinging sensation to intensify.

I inhaled then exhaled as she struck each of my ass cheeks. My ass began to get warm as the leather flogger smacked against it repeatedly. I groaned pleasurably as she continued beating my bare ass with the flogger.

“You seem to be enjoying your punishment,” Mistress said with an amused tone.

“Yes I am Mistress.”

She just smiled as she continued striking my ass with her flogger. My rear stung as she repeatedly hit it causing my cock to harden. I was very excited. I wanted to know if she had anything else planned.

She stopped flogging my ass and gazed a it momentarily. “Your rear has a nice blush to it now. I believe this is a suitable punishment for your offense. Now, I see you are getting excited again. Let’s put this to good use.”


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