“Tonight you will serve as my table.” Mistress said.

She had dressed me in leather boots, leather gloves, leather collar, and fishnet leggings. I felt excited. I wanted to be her table, chair, whatever she needed.

“Sounds good Mistress.”

“Then you’ll have no problem getting on all fores now.”

I got on all fores on the carpeted floor. She pulled out a round glass tabletop and placed it atop my back, and ass. I could feel my cock getting excited at the prospect of her suing me like this. Mistress went to her bar and grabbed a wineglass. She uncorked a bottle and poured herself a glass of wine. She sat in a chair next to me and placed her glass atop her table. She took a sip from her glass then placed it back on her table.

“My pet makes such a good table. You are balancing everything very well.”

“Thank you for the compliments Mistress.”

I could feel the weight of the glass atop my back and ass, I seemed fine balancing it. I smiled as I thought about what Mistress must be seeing. Me on all fores holding her glass up. I was now fully erect. I really wanted to please her and have her play with me. I knew that would come after this though. Mistress was always good to me, even when I was her table.

“I have such a great view of your ass pressed up against the enchanted glass.”

“Enchanted Mistress?”

“Yes, it will not break or cut, it bounces like a soft plush ball.”


“Yes my pet, you are perfectly safe if you drop the table. Well safe from the table, not from a punishment.” She giggled. “You really think I would put my precious pet in danger?”

“No Mistress I do not doubt that you will keep me safe.”

“Good,” she said. “Then I think it’s time we move onto something more…physically sexual.”

I grinned. The tabletop was starting to get heavy.