“So, stand in the summoning circle, and your wildest dreams are going to come true.” Mistress smiled at me slyly.

I nodded at her and walked into the purple glowing magical circle. I stood there and the circle began to glow brighter. Purple tentacles popped up around me grabbing onto my limbs and lifting me up. I gasped in surprise as the slimy tentacles bound my arms and spread my legs. Another tentacle prodded at my eager rear, easily sliding inside. I let out a moan as the tentacle penetrated me sliding further and further inside.

I let out a moan as the tentacle began to fuck me with it’s slick smooth appendage. My cock hardened as my excitement rose. I felt something hard pressing against my rear beginning to open me up furtherer. I looked down at the tentacle in question and saw a stream of eggs inside of it. I let out a groan as my loose hole stretched wider than ever before allowing the egg entry inside.

“Ah, Mistress! It feels so good!”

She only crossed her arms in response as she continued to watch me. The egg popped inside of me and the next one pressed against my loose hole. Pre began to drip out of my cock as the next egg opened me up. It slid inside and the first egg nestled deep within me popping out of the tentacle. I moaned as egg after egg started pushing their way inside of me in quick succession. As they slid inside they pressed against my prostates sending a pleasurable chill down my spine.

My belly began to swell as the multitude of eggs filled my greedy hole. As each egg stretched me open my loose hole attempted to close behind it, only to be forced open by the next egg. I felt wave after wave of pleasure pulse through my body as the eggs entered me. My belly swelled to massive size. The pleasure rose within me peaking, my cock twitched as I shot my load across my swollen belly in multiple spurts.

The eggs slowed, my belly swelling even more. I let out a groan as the tentacle began to retreat out of my ass. As it slid out the rest of the tentacles lowered me gently to the floor and released me. I laid there a pool of fluids, filled to the brim with eggs.

“Did you enjoy yourself my pet?”

All I could do was nod as I flopped back onto the floor. That had to be the most amazing experience I had ever had.