We had just returned from a formal party. Mistress looked fantastic in her fancy red dress. She has latex opera gloved and leggings on underneath. I also had matching gloves and leggings which were hidden under my suit. Mistress closed the door behind us.

“Now are you ready for the real fun?”


“Strip off your clothes, down to the latex.”

Mistress began to slip off her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties underneath her outfit. I quickly stripped off my jacket, shirt, pants, and undergarment. Mistress walked over to her toy chest and opened it up peering inside intently.

“Get on the bed and get on all fores.” She said as she pulled out a harness from the chest. I hopped up on the bed and got on all fores. When I looked back at her she had a dildo in the harness and was lubing it up. She walked over to me and rubbed some lube onto my asshole, then slid a couple fingers inside lubing me up further.

We had played before the party, so I was already open. She slid the dildo inside my ass, spreading me open as it entered. She began to thrust in and out of me as a pleasure grew within me. I let out a moan as sh bottomed out inside of me.

Suddenly she stopped to my dismay. “You know what I want to do something else. I’d like to see you ride me.”

She pulled the dildo out of me and climbed up on the bed. She laid down and I climbed on top of her. I centered my ass on the dildo and she helped guide it inside of me as I lowered myself down. I moaned as I rocked my hips up and down riding her hard cock. My own was hard and ready for use.

Mistress gripped onto my waist as I rode her cock. “You are so hot riding me. I think I want to see you cum now.”

She reached down and began to stroke my cock as I rode her. The pleasurable feelings rode withing me welling up inside of me. I let out a moan as I continued to ride her cock. She stroked my cock faster as I rode her harder.

I let out a loud moan, “Mistress may I cum?”

“Yes my pet, cum for me.”

Hearing her words the pleasurable feeling welled up inside of me exploding forth as I came all over the both of us. Mistress grinned at my display.

“Well now you should clean this up…with your tongue.”

I blushed, I always loved it when she made me do this.