Mistress walked towards the couch, her strap on bobbing with her stride. “Lay down on the couch.”

Excitedly, I walked up to the couch and laid down on it. She lubed up the dildo on her harness and then used the remaining lube on my asshole. Mistress sat on the couch next to me, spreading my legs apart.

“I could easily give you what you want, but why should I?”

“Mistress, please fuck me with your cock. I need it. I’ve been really good lately too.”

She smiled at me. “Hmm, are you sure?”

“Yes. I need it.”

“Well since you are so insistent.”

She prodded my hole with the tip of her cock. My cock started getting hard in anticipation. She slowly slid the dildo inside my greedy hole, the head popping fully inside. I let out a moan as she slid more and more of her cock inside of me. I moaned as her groin firmly pressed against my ass as she buried the didlo fully inside of me.

“You took that very well. I suppose that’s thanks to all our practice.”

“Oh, yes Mistress. I love it when you play with me.”

Slowly she began fucking me with her cock. She began building up speed with each thrust. I let out a moan as she fucked me faster and faster. She went from the tip of the toy to the base in fast long strokes. Each thrust her cock slid in hitting my prostate sending a jolt of pleasure down my spine. My cock was now fully erect and I wanted to play with it.

“Mistress may I stroke my cock?”

She grinned at me as she grabbed onto my hips. “Yes you may my pet.”

Quickly I grasped onto my cock and began stroking it. I felt so good as she fucked me deeply. I could feel a pleasurable feeling growing inside of me and I knew soon I would be close to cumming. I continued to stroke my cock bringing myself closer and closer to orgasm.

“Mistress I’m getting close.”

“You may cum my pet, but tell me when.”

I continued stroking my cock as she railed me harder and faster than before. Each stroke of her cock inside of me along with my hand, bringing me close and closer to climax. I was so close I knew I would lose it soon.

“I’m cumming!”

The pleasure rose within me sending another chill down my spine as I shot my hot load all over my chest. I released my cock, Mistress pulled her cock out of me.

“Look at the mess my pretty little pet made all over himself. I suppose we should clean you up.”