Mistress stood before me with a gleam in her eyes. “Are you excited my pet?”

“Yes, very.”


She held rope in her hands and walked up to me. She walked around me inspecting me. Then Mistress begun tying a chest harness around my body, the ropes held me firm and snug like a hug. She bound my arms behind my back as well. She walked around me a few times as she continued to tie me up. I was excited as the rope caressed my body.

“There, perfect! Now get on your knees into a sitting position.”

I knelled down into a sitting position. Mistress walked in front of me, a gleeful smile upon her face. She ran her gloved hand up my cheek and then across one of my ears.

“It’s quite obvious my pet is very excited.” Her gaze fixated on my hard cock. “I suppose we should do something about that.”

I smiled at her excited about the possibilities ahead of us.