I was in a small closet-like room with a few holes in the walls big enough for someone’s fist to fit through. I was excited. I had never done anything like this before. Mistress had allowed me to go to a glory hole on the stipulation that she watched from outside. I couldn’t see her, but she could see me. I imagined what kind of cock would come through the hole, would it be another dark elf, or something else? Would he be average, small, large? My cock began to stiffen as I anticipated what would happen next.

A hard blue cock came through the opening before me. I gasped in excitement, it was starting. I reached out and began to stroke the cock. He was large and likely a dark elf like me. I began to suck on his cock, sliding the tip in my mouth first, then excitedly sliding more and more into my mouth till I was at the base of the hole. I bobbed my head back and forth as I started stroking my own hard member. I wanted to please whoever was on the other side of this glory hole.

Excitement flowed through me as the cock on the other side started to move, fucking my face as I tried to take as much of his cock as I could. I felt something poke me in the back of my head. I looked behind myself and saw the most enormous cock I had ever seen. It had a flared head, I felt myself stop breathing for a moment. I slid my mouth off of the dark elf’s cock and decided to lube up the new cock.

I had a feeling a minotaur was on the other side. I began licking it’s cock as I jerked off the dark elves hard waiting member. The Minotaur’s cock was so big I couldn’t fit it in my mouth, pre leaked from my tip as I knew what I wanted to do with it. I licked all around that Minotaur’s hard musky cock until the whole thing was coated in my saliva.

I turned around and grabbed onto his long shaft, I guided his needy cock to my greedy asshole and began to back up onto his cock. I let out a moan as his massively fat cock began opening me up. I groaned as his large head popped inside my loose hole. I backed up onto his cock further taking more and more of his large member. As I backed up I came eye level to the dark elves cock. I opened my mouth and slid it inside. I slid all the way back onto the minotaurs massive cock taking his whole length deep inside my whorish hole.

I let out a moan as I was stuffed from both ends with glorious cock. I began rocking back and forth fucking and sucking on cock. I felt so stuffed and to my limits. Suddenly they both started moving, fucking me from both ends. It was so hot, I was so hard I couldn’t help but stroke my cock. The minotaur bucked wildly practically shaking the wall separating us. His cock thrusting wildly and forcefully in and out of my loose hole. I moaned as the cock slid in and out of my ass and mouth. I was stuffed to the brim. The dark elf fucked my mouth roughly as I rocked back and forth. I felt as though I was only being held up by their cocks.

As they fucked me wildly I stroked myself faster and faster. I felt a pleasurable feeling welling up inside of me. Each time the minotaur thrusted his massive cock he battered my prostate sending chills down my spine. I felt like such a used whore, and I was loving every second of it. Suddenly the dark elves cock thrusted deep in my mouth and seed exploded forth from his cock spilling into my mouth and overflowing over my chin. Slowly he pulled out of my mouth as I tried to swallow all his cum.

The minotaur continued fucking my loose hole as I fucked him back, rocking back and forth on his massive cock. I moaned lewdly as cum dripped down my face. I wondered what Mistress thought of her used slut. Another cock slid through the hole where the dark elf had been. I greedily accepted it and began sucking on the cock with my sloppy mouth. As the Minotaur’s thrusts became wilder I felt a pleasurable feeling welling up inside of me. I knew I was getting close. The Minotaur’s massive hard cock slid easily in and out of me as if it were nothing.

I continued sucking on the cock before me while fucking the Minotaur’s cock. As the pleasurable feeling welled up inside of me I came hard, my seed spurted across the floor several times pooling beneath me. My body felt sensitive and tingly all over, but I continued. After a moment more I felt the Minotaur thrust deep within me and unload a massive amount of cum deep within me. He came so much that my belly began to distend. Almost as quickly as he has cum, he pulled out of my ass which gaped loosely.

I felt like collapsing, but I continued as cum poured out of my ass. I felt another cock but up against my ass. I slid back allowing it entry to my recently used and abused hole. We continued like this. I couldn’t remember how many sucks I sucked and fucked. I enjoyed myself thoroughly collapsing a sticky mess to the floor.

The door opened and I looked up.

“You look exhausted,” Mistress said. “Let’s clean you up and get you back home.”

I smiled at her as she helped me to my feet.