Mistress stood before me with a grin on her face. I was kneeling in front of her.

“Use your mouth.” She motioned to the massive strap-on between her legs.

I opened my mouth and began to lick the head of the toy. My tongue did circles around the tip, then I dd long strokes down the sides. I tried to get my saliva all over the dildo getting it nice and lubes up. I knew where it was going next after all.

“Mmm, such a good pet. You really know how to use your mouth.”

I continued licking all over the toy, throughly lubing it up.

“Good, now stop.” I did as she said awaiting her next command. “You’re going to be doing something we haven’t done in a while, I want you to ride me.”

She plopped down on the bed, I was excited already. I loved riding her massive cock.

“Are you ready for me Mistress?”

“Yes,” she said as she reclined on the bed.

I climbed on top of her as she held the massive dildo with one hand. Positioning myself over her cock I began to low myself until I felt the tip of the dildo begin to open me up. I moaned as the large toy opened me wide. We had used it before, but it had been a little while so it was stretching me out all over again.

“Oh, Mistress, it’s so big!”

“I know that’s how you like it my Pet.”

I lowered myself more onto the dildo as it opened my up even further plunging deep inside my depths. I let out a moan and my belly bulged at the massive insertion. I could see it going further and further into my greedy ass as my stomach bulged. I gasped as I took it’s whole length inside of me, budding up against her groin.

“Mistress, it feels so good!” I moaned

“Good, now fuck yourself.”

I moaned as I began to move up and down on the massive length of the cock inside of me. With each stroke it stretched out my insides bulging my belly with each thrust. I moaned lewdly as I rode her cock slowly, feeling the full length of the toy go in and out of my loose hole. My cock was so hard, I wanted to touch it, but I knew I’d have to ask permission and it would be hard to ride her while touching myself. Instead I enjoyed the feeling of her massive cock stretching my asshole out with each stroke from base to tip.

I began to ride her faster and harder. My belly bulged with each stroke, being distended by the large insertion. It almost looked comical as I rode her faster and harder destroying my loose hole. I moaned with each stroke of her large cock as I rode her ruthlessly. I needed her cock in my ass like I needed it to live. I groaned as her cock stretched out my already loose hole to epic proportions. I couldn’t help but feel the need to cum. I wanted to cum so badly.

“Mistress,” I cried out. “I want to cum.”

“Not yet my Pet.”

I groaned as I rode her further, with each stroke of her cock my prostate was rubbed vigorously. I wanted nothing more than to cum from her massive cock. I moaned lewdly as I increased the rhythm at which I fucked myself on my Mistress’s cock.

“Okay,” she said. “Get on your back.”

I groaned as I stood up, my loose asshole gaping as the cock left my hole. I laid down on the bed, Mistress was already positioning herself between my legs.

“Mmm, look at that loose gaping hole of yours. Do you want more cock?”

“Yes, please Mistress!”

She slid the cock into my waiting willing ass filling me to the brim with her cock, distending my belly once again. I moaned as she began fucking me wildly. Her hips bucked slamming against my whorish ass with each quick hard stroke. I was so hot I felt so full, my body desired nothing more than to cum from her fucking me.

“Now you may touch yourself,” She said.

Quickly I grasped onto my hard cock and began stroking it quickly and firmly. I could feel a pleasurable feeling rising up within me as she fucked my loose hole. I moaned each time she plunged her massive length inside of my loose hole. I felt so good having my Mistress’s massive cock inside of me. As I stroked myself My body felt hot and tingly all over, a pleasurable feeling washed over me as I moaned and let out a cry. My cock shot forth my hot load across my swollen belly with several spurts unloading all my seed in a large sticky pool.

Mistress pulled her massive cock out of my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. “Look at that gaping hole you have, hungry for cock.You have such a nice gape as well. I suppose we should clean you up.”

“Yes, Mistress.”