“Please Mistress, use me to your desire!”

She grinned as I laid on the bed on my stomach legs spread. “I might make you wait…till tomorrow.”

We had just gotten done stretching out my hole, the promise had been to fist me. “Mistress please, I need you inside of me?”

“Hmm…why should I?”

“I’ll do anything for you! Please use your fist on my ass.”

She took the jar of lube next to the bed and began applying it to her fist and arm. “Well, you are asking so nicely. Maybe I’ll indulge you?”

“Yes, please Mistress!”

She lubed up her hand and arm and set the jar back on the nightstand where it lived. She took her fingers squeezing them together into a cone. She placed the tips of her fingers at my needy entrance, then stopped.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait until tomorrow?”

“Oh, please Mistress, I can feel the heat from your hand on my ass. I need you inside of me so badly.”

Her fingers began to slide inside my loose hole until we got to her knuckles. My loose hole stretched even wider to fit the ridge of her knuckles inside my ass. I moaned as they popped inside and the rest of her fist slowly slid inside.

“I could stop here if you like.”

“More please Mistress!”

She grinned and started sliding more of her arm deeper within my loose hole. I could feel her fist stretching me out with each inch she slid inside of me. I moaned ad she slid further and further in my whorish hole. I wanted more and more of her inside of me. It was so big, I felt so full.

“My, I’ve made you into such a butt slut. You love this don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I love this.”

“Good, it is your reward for being such a good Pet. Later tonight you will have to please in return. Maybe I’ll sit on your face,”

I could barely focus on her words as her arm started to widen at the midpoint. I groaned, it was so much and I wanted more. I felt so full with her fist deep inside of me. She began to thrust her fist in and out of my loose hole fucking me gently if you could call it that. I moaned as she began picking up speed, her fist and arm wrecking my loose hole. I would never be the same for anything smaller. I craved her fist now that I had gotten a taste.

I moaned as she picked up speed thrusting quicker and harder into my loose hole sending a chill up my spine. Her arm slid in then out of my loose hole stretching it to the max. It felt so pleasurable with each stroke as it battered my prostate and filled my greedy hole. Her thrusts became wild and quick long ones as she fucked my loose hole greedily.

“Oooh, Mistress! It feels so good!”

“You like this my pet? You like being a used fuck-hole for me?”

“Yes, Mistress! Please fuck me more!”

“What a good pet.”

She fucked me quicker still as I could feel myself going crazy from the pleasure. I wanted to touch myself, but something felt different. Pleasure rose within me soaring to heights I didn’t know possible.

“Ah, Mistress! I’m getting close!”

“Then cum for me if you can my Pet.”

She continued wrecking my loose hole with her fist. Thrusting faster and harder than before. The pleasurable feeling rose within me as she fucked my loose hole. I moaned loudly as I felt my cock tense and my seed sprayed out all over the bed and my belly without me even touching it. This felt so different and intense, yet good. I felt warm and tingly all over especially the head of my cock.

Mistress slid her fist out of my greedy ass and spread my cheeks apart. “Oh, my. You have such a nice slutty gaping hole now. I wish you could see how much your gaping now my Pet.”

I groaned on the bed, filled with pleasure that had just overtaken me.

“You really enjoyed this. We’ll have to do it again and wear out your ass more.”

“Yes, please Mistress.” I murmured.

She leaned over and kissed my ears. “Such a good Pet. After you catch your breath, it’s my turn.”

I smiled into the pillow, I wanted to give back to her as she had just given me such pleasure. Soon I would do whatever she wanted to please her. I grew excited about this prospect.