I knew what to expect today as I opened the door. I knew what time of the month it was. As I walked into the room I was immediately pinned up against the wall and face to face with large golden eyes.


She growled at me in her need as her larger than normal wolfish body picked me up and sat me on the bed roughly. I could tell she was trying to be gently even in her desire. Her clawed hand reached down and pushed me onto my back. The full moon really got her all riled up. She leaned over taking a deep breath, inhaling my scent. Her large maw traced my belly lower and lower until she was level with my soft cock.

I had just walked into the room, I wasn’t excited yet. With one lick her tongue engulfed my member. She took her hands and began stroking my cock.

“Ah, Mistress.”

She continued to play with my quickly stiffening member enticing me further. I knew what she wanted, and I would gladly let her have her way with me. As my member stiffened at her touch. I watched her fur covered body, he tail swung from left to right quickly. Her hand glided up and down my cock as it became fully erect.

She quickly licked about my cock, getting me all wet. Mistress climbed on top of me and parted her pussy lips lowering herself rather quickly onto my hard cock. Her pussy engulfed my cock with a wet hot warmth. She panted and let out a small howl. Placing a hand on my chest she beg quickly riding my cock.

I felt her hot tight pussy quickly stroking my cock each time her bottom bounded up and down on me. I moaned with pleasure as she rode my cock. I placed my hand on her hips and she rode me wildly bucking her hips. I could feel a pleasure focusing within me. I decided to try to hold out. I knew when my Mistress got like this she really needed a longer fuck.

As she rode my cock she leaned in and licked my face. I reached up, running my hands across her furred body until I got to her large breasts. I grasped onto them squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She threw her head back and made a happy almost cooing sound. I could tell I was getting close again as the pleasurable feeling rose within me warming my body.

Mistress was getting so wet, I couldn’t tell if she had cum yet or not. She rode my cock as I continued to play with her breasts.

“Mistress, I’m getting close!”

She didn’t seem to acknowledge my plea. As she continued to ride my cock the tip of my head got even more sensitive than normal and a pleasurable feeling welled up inside of me. I let loose as I came deep inside of her. She slid down to the base of my cock and sat there panting for a moment. I caught my breath in that moment and released her breasts.

She slid off of my cock and laid down next to me, spreading her legs apart. My own cum dripped out of her pussy as she laid there showing me everything. The look she was giving me was enticing as if to say ‘give me more’. I crawled over to her and began to play with her pussy. I rubbed her clit in circles as she reclined back onto the bed her tail wagging happily. She groaned as I continued to pleasure her. I would do everything I could to please her until she had me stop.